Bedroom in country style — how to decorate?

Bedroom in country style

Country design looks pastoral and somewhat naive, but it has its own special charm. A rustic-style bedroom looks like no other, comfortable and cozy due to the predominance of simple materials and silhouettes. It can be made versatile or give an eclectic national chic with the help of small details.

Bedroom interior in country style

Bedroom in country style

Translated from English, the name of this type of apartment design means «rustic». Its semantic basis is provinciality in the best sense of the word. Modesty, which does not at all exclude expensive elements, should become the basic principle when choosing every detail of the interior. A rustic bedroom should meet the following requirements:

  1. The predominance of light colors. To understand what palette is required, you need to remember the Provencal direction. Not only beige, milky and light brown shades are welcome, but also terracotta, lemon, mint and pale pink;
  2. Exclusion of pretentiousness. Country houses and country huts do not abound with originals of world-famous artists on the walls and lamps created by high-profile brands with world names. In a rustic bedroom, there is no place for gilded arches, shiny urban pipes on the ceiling and a crystal coffee table;
  3. Reminders of the unity of nature and man in the interior. Provence copes with this arrangement in the home of pots of blooming lavender. Rustikal offers lace throws on the beds and wicker chairs, floral wallpaper and wood flooring.

Country style bedroom furniture

The central accent with any type of decor chosen is a bed of the correct width and shape. In the village, they prefer models with a medium or high base, a headboard made of wood or metal forging. The interior of a rustic bedroom begins with the purchase of a rectangular bed made of solid wood or chipboard with an orthopedic base. Bedside tables of the same color should be in harmony with it, and if possible, from the same type of wood.

The second biggest renovation investment a rustic bedroom needs is a solid closet made from ash, pine, oak, or other durable wood. You need to choose modifications with traditional doors on metal hinges: wardrobes are inappropriate here. It will not work to save on it, even if you decide on a modular wall made of pressed sawdust. It is easier to choose a cabinet from the available material — birch or poplar. It costs less: in addition, there are options on sale with an imitation of the surface of more expensive rocks.

Bedroom in country style

Curtains for the bedroom in country style

When reworking curtains made of synthetics, rayon, tulle and organza, it is easy to replace with a simple canvas made of high-quality organic material — linen, cotton, hemp thread. Reminiscent of closeness to nature: chintz and cambric. Curtains in the country bedroom should provide maximum opportunities for sunlight to penetrate through the window, so you should rely on single-layer fabrics. A compromise for owls who love to sleep until noon can be a Roman curtain or linen in all shades of chocolate.

Bedroom in country style

Wallpaper in the country bedroom

If the walls of the kitchen can be covered with imitation bricks, then only paper or vinyl-based wallpapers are suitable for the bedroom. For a house where children and pets live, it is possible to combine wallpaper with wood paneling to protect the walls from dirt. Rustic bedroom design involves wallpapering the walls with a thin horizontal or vertical stripe, floral patterns. Part of the space can be highlighted with photo wallpapers with natural landscapes.

Bedroom in country style

Country bedroom color scheme

The general neutral background should be supported by pieces of furniture, large decorative elements and finishing textures. In the Provence country bedroom, several bright “spots” are allowed in the form of a small niche, a large vase or a floor lampshade of a different style. You can highlight one of the walls by sticking the same wallpaper with a larger pattern on it. Designers working in this direction use no more than three colors in one room.

Bedroom in country style

Bedroom decoration in country style

To choose the ideal decorating technique, you first need to figure out the initial conditions, such as footage or ceiling heights. If the distance between the walls allows, it is worth making soundproofing: the rest room is presented as a room where you can relax and forget about extraneous sounds. The interior of a rustic bedroom does not only depend on renovation — proper lighting is also important. A chandelier with powerful lamps interferes with rest and I watch TV before going to bed. She has an alternative: a small fireplace or a night light on the wall at the head of the bed.

Bedroom in country style

Bedroom in the attic in country style

A fireplace, so desirable for any rustic room, becomes essential when it comes to an unheated attic. The choice in this case should be made between a natural source of fire and its bio-substitute running on fossil fuels. The design of country-style bedrooms in the attic may include the installation of one double bed in the center of the room or two single beds in its corners. Successfully in both cases, the finish with a wooden plywood panel looks good.

Bedroom in country style

small rustic bedroom

In a house with a shortage of free space, very often there is no single type of design: the details are selected in order to make the most of every centimeter. A small bedroom in a rustic country style is organized based on the proper organization of storage. The bed can be raised onto a wooden podium with drawers at the base. Cabinets and shelves should be in niches: for example, it is advisable to make a hanging storage of your favorite books and cosmetics above the bed. In order not to waste space on floor lighting, you need to purchase pendant lights.

Bedroom in country style

Bedroom in country style in a wooden house

Walls made of natural timber greatly simplify and reduce the cost of design. They do not need to be redone and wallpapered, aged with the help of special wax manipulations. For questions about how to style a rustic bedroom, the pros suggest adding texture by throwing fluffy rugs around the bed. It will be a plus if they have something in common with the quality and workmanship of the material with the blankets. There should be several of them: the grandmother’s house becomes a role model, in which there are a stack of pillows and bedspreads on each bed.

Bedroom in country style

A rustic country style bedroom leaves the impression you would expect from a break room. It is somewhat primitive, but environmentally friendly and convenient, since it does not require redevelopment and other modifications during repairs. The casual chic of the chosen style emphasizes the delicate taste of the owner of the home, his passion for light and airiness. The last and most weighty argument in his favor will be regular pleasant memories of a summer vacation with his grandmother.

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