Art Deco style in the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen

Art Deco style in the interior

At the turn of the terrible world wars, an amazing design was born, which marked the onset of a new era in architecture, painting, and furniture production. The art deco style in the interior mixes African art with modern, the characteristic features of the empire with Egyptian and oriental touches, creating the most original and chic interiors.

Art Deco apartment interior design

The authors of this style wanted to get the interior of the house intentionally expensive and solid, in which one can enjoy a luxurious life at the moment, without thinking about the foggy future. The art deco interior design differs from the standard redecoration by the high cost of elite materials, the quality of the finishes, it is created using massive furniture, gold, chrome parts, mirrors and glass. All this diversity should converge into a single composition harmoniously, the atmosphere should demonstrate good taste.

Art Deco living room interior

The most diverse designs, even those obtained by mixing several directions, have their own original features. The charming art deco style in the interior of the living room gives the room characteristic recognizable features that need to be skillfully used when arranging the hall.

Distinctive features of an art deco living room:

  1. The walls and ceilings of the living room are decorated with wallpaper with a geometric pattern.
  2. There is a zigzag print and straight lines on textiles and furniture facades, decor items.
  3. Furnishings are made of expensive natural materials — ivory, precious metals, real skins of exotic animals.
  4. A sign of contrast is often used, juicy dark and light shades. A spectacular and stylish black and white interior, a combination of white with purple, gold with red or black, white with brown, is considered traditional in art deco.
  5. Asceticism and minimalism in this design is contraindicated, the use of cheap materials is considered a sign of bad taste.
  6. A popular style symbol is the image of the sun’s rays, it is applied to the backs of furniture, walls.
  7. Many elements of the stylish environment have a trapezoid shape.
  8. Pictures, wallpapers and posters in the interior of the art deco halls are distinguished by bright, flashy, contrasting colors, female images on them are athletic, flying, healthy and strong. Ornaments, leaves, flowers are depicted not too ornate, often such drawings are made up of simple figures.

Art Deco style in the interior 1

Art Deco kitchen interior

The set in this room should be purchased elegant, with glossy or lacquered facades, gilded or chrome fittings. In the kitchen, the art deco style in the interior is extremely interesting, white, black or brown colors predominate here. The geometric shape of the chairs, tables, cabinets is simple, the backs are trapezoidal or oval; expensive leather upholstery or jacquard is used in their decor. Indoors, you can install any expensive and stylish new technology.

Chandeliers are used large, chic, hanging at the minimum allowable height. They have a classic design, forged elements, crystal jewelry. You can complement the decor with sconce lamps in the form of antique candelabra. This kitchen looks best in a large room combined with a dining or living room, where it is possible to arrange furniture in the form of a beautiful island. The ceiling in the room can be made multi-level or left flat, decorating it with stucco decoration.

Art deco style in the interior 2

Art Deco bathroom interior

Plumbing for this room is desirable to purchase expensive, with elegant chrome details. The art deco style in the interior of the bathroom is distinguished by the presence of glass and metal shelves, on which candlesticks and toilet water are located. The floor and the surface of the walls are faced with glossy black and white tiles, material with red and golden splashes, ivory, embossed ceramics, marble, mosaics. From black and white material, you can lay out geometric or arbitrary patterns.

The legs of the furniture and the bathroom are characteristically curved, the use of massive sanitary ware of a streamlined and asymmetric shape is allowed. Often used original octagonal toilet bowls. Abstract sculptures, bright photographs, stylish small fountains or their imitation are welcome in the interior. The room is equipped with a window and additional lighting from geometric lamps or a metal chandelier.

Art deco style in the interior 3

Art Deco in the interior of the bedroom

The decor of the bedroom has a lot in common with the decor that prevails in the living room. The furniture used is wooden, having slightly rounded shapes, forged products. Trapeze-shaped or rounded headboards, soft and delicate upholstery made of leather or high-quality linen. The interior of the bedroom in art deco style is decorated with silver and gilded fittings. Mirrors with paintings present in the setting are inserted into chic frames.

Wallpaper, fabric, decorative panels are suitable for facing the walls of the bedroom. Patterns on them are allowed in the form of straight and ornate lines, floral ornament. To decorate the interior, you can take paintings with naked female silhouettes, images of animals. It is interesting in this setting to look like mirrors resembling a pyramid or the sun. It is better to buy glossy and plain curtains; curtains with floral ornaments are not recommended.

Art deco style in the interior 4

Art deco hallway interior

This room should not look dull and dark; mirror panels and light finishes are widely used in it. In terms of luxury and beauty, the interior of the art deco hallway resembles a magnificent boudoir. Pay special attention to the aesthetics of furnishings. Furniture for him is bought exclusive, with carved decorations, magnificent inlay. It is better to buy handmade things in gold or silver.

It is advisable to look after a wardrobe with retractable shoe shelves, an ottoman, a banquette, an exquisite hanger. An indispensable attribute for the hallway is a large mirror in an expensive and stylish frame. Ornaments are used in the form of simple geometric shapes, with an elementary interweaving of lines. This decor will bring a wonderful touch of lightness and sophistication.

Art deco style in the interior 5

Modern art deco in the interior

Many retro styles are experiencing new waves of popularity. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, design attracts a person with a respectable appearance and decorative qualities. In connection with the advent of new household appliances and perfect finishing materials, it is pointless to exactly completely copy the situation of the beginning of the last century. It is easier and more logical, using the description of the art deco style in the interior, to recreate its main magnificent features.

Art Deco ceiling in the interior

This architectural direction does not deny the presence of multi-level ceiling systems that can effectively emphasize the general orientation of the situation. The interior of the apartment in art deco style looks magical with white ceilings, milky, with shades of delicate gold or delicate silver. The alternation of stripes of different widths of light and dark shades, geometric shapes, and decorative borders looks gorgeous on the ceiling. For the bedroom, it is better to use soothing colors, do not create large structures with sharp outlines.

Art deco style in the interior 6

Art Deco curtains in the interior

In the setting, it is undesirable to use «rustic» types of textiles made of linen or chintz. Preference is given to aristocratic materials with original colors — velvet, satin, brocade, taffeta in gilding, silk, trimmed with expensive fur. Art Deco curtains in the interiors of apartments testify to prosperity, luxury, fascinate the eye with their majestic and chic design. Fabric with fabulous ethnic patterns, animals, floral, oriental ornaments is used.

Art deco style in the interior 7

Wallpaper art deco in the interior

A striking feature of this style is the ability to combine controversial topics in an environment. On the walls, it is allowed to have patterns with the features of Empire, Art Nouveau, classics, images that are characteristic of modern design. Gray, white, beige, brown, even black with light accents are suitable for the main background. Art deco wallpapers are widely used in the interior with original drawings of curls and clear lines, abstract compositions. The walls are pasted over with textured material with a relief structure, different types of coating are combined.

Art deco style in the interior 8

Chandeliers in art deco style in the interior

To choose a good ceiling lamp, you need to know the main external features of products made in this style. Even in huge multi-level chandeliers, the frame is made in a curved but symmetrical shape. Metal parts are covered with gold, silver, chrome, bronze. Interior design in art deco style looks magical with glass chandeliers with crystal elements, with shades made of quality textiles.

Art deco style in the interior 9

Art Deco doors in the interior

For the production of door systems, wood, veneer, MDF, and durable glass are used. Models are often decorated with patterns that imitate wildlife, ballet art. The lines of the drawing should be distinguished by noble outlines, grace. A simple ornament with stepped compositions, circles, metal and glass inserts is allowed. The interior of an art deco house cannot be imagined without massive entrance doors with wrought iron decor, bronze or gilded handles.

Art Deco style in the interior 10

Art Deco fireplaces in the interior

Fiery portals in this design are laconic, without excessive ornateness, which is typical for Art Nouveau design. The fireplace in the art deco interior looks a little more modest, but elegant, chic fitting into the beautiful setting. The design can use discreet geometric lines or carved tiles with unique images. This style is famous for its diversity, so the options for finishing the fireplace can resemble both a classic elegant design and a bright expressionist version.

Art deco style in the interior 11

For a long time, France remained the center of this controversial style, so many people jokingly compare it with a capricious, beautiful and wayward Parisian. Distinctive features of this direction are high-contrast color palettes, furniture with clear streamlined shapes, female sculptures, natural materials. The interior with original art deco elements is chosen by pop stars, creative intelligentsia and aristocrats. It allows you to widely experiment with design, embody bizarre fantasies, creating a magical mood in the apartment.

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