11 things in the house that have an expiration date (maybe it’s time to throw it away?)


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one Pillows

The shelf life of pillows is about 2-3 years. After this period of time, they will deform, so they will not be able to support the head and neck during sleep as well as they did immediately after purchase. In addition, pillows breed bacteria, even if you wash them regularly. And do not forget about dust mites, which can also appear in them. It is better to change your sleep accessories in time so as not to sacrifice your health.


2 Blankets

Blankets, like pillows, also need to be changed regularly, but their lifespan is much longer. It varies from 7 to 10 years. The figure depends on how you store the blankets and how you care for them.

3 Mattress

Another important accessory for a good sleep is a mattress. It should last you about 8-10 years. During use, it should be cleaned of dust, sweat and other contaminants. This can be done with ordinary baking soda: apply the powder to the damp surface of the mattress, let dry and vacuum thoroughly. Also, to extend the service life, it is worth turning it over 1-2 times a year.


four Towels

Bacteria develop rapidly on wet textiles, so towels must be washed frequently. At the same time, it is worth choosing a mode with a high temperature — so the microbes will not have a chance to survive. It is better to wash them after 3-4 uses. However, not a single textile, even the densest one, can withstand such frequent washing, so it is worth changing towels every three years. In addition, worn textiles do not look very attractive.

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5 Cleaning accessories

Regular dishwashing sponges that you use every day in the kitchen collect a lot of bacteria. They are recommended to be changed every 7-14 days.

If you are not ready to do this so often, you can replace the sponges with plastic and silicone cleaning accessories. They are easier to disinfect. But they also have a service life: it is worth buying new ones 8 months after the start of use.


6 microfiber

Microfiber cloths will serve you much longer: they can withstand up to 500 washes in a washing machine, so the service life reaches 5 years.

7 Disinfectants

Cleaning products, like any chemical, have an expiration date. Pay attention to disinfectants: they become ineffective 3 months after opening the package. Accordingly, after this period, they will not be able to rid the surface of bacteria and germs.


eight Washcloths

Wet washcloths, sponges, and other things you use while showering are great breeding grounds for germs. They also get moldy easily. If you do not want skin problems, it is better to change accessories regularly. Their service life is usually about 6 months. To make it last longer, dry your washcloths after each use.

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9 Comb

The service life of the most common comb is equated to 1 year. The fact is that on it, like on other accessories for care, bacteria multiply. Even if you clean your comb regularly, it can still cause dandruff and other problems, not to mention the fact that the old accessory often pulls out hair.


ten Cutting boards

Bacteria accumulate on cutting boards. Even if you thoroughly wash and disinfect the surface, it is difficult to completely get rid of germs. Therefore, try to change the boards every 3 years.

eleven Spices

Unfortunately, spices do not store a bright smell for very long. Usually their shelf life is 2-3 years, during which the aroma becomes less pronounced. Their quality also depends on the method of storage: do not put the spices in damp places, and also put them in containers with a tight lid.


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