Wooden stair railing

wooden stair railing

We often confuse the concepts of «handrails» and «railings». Railings not only help you move up the stairs, but also play the role of limiters and prevent falls. Also, in most cases, this detail also has a decorative function. What designers have not come up with in order to decorate houses and make a simple staircase a real decoration and a central element of the decor.

Wooden railing for stairs

By itself, wood already has the ability to decorate the interior and fill it with characteristic warmth and comfort. But craftsmen successfully use various processing methods to extend the life of the product and make it even more presentable, to achieve different effects. Usually two goals are pursued: to emphasize the texture of the tree or to disguise it, giving the product the desired look.

  1. Lacquered wooden stair railings completely retain their texture and shade. The varnish not only protects the surface from external influences, but also adds a noble sheen. Wooden railings of stairs made of dark rocks in the house look especially beautiful.
  2. If you need to slightly change the shade, use a tinting varnish. It only slightly changes the color, making it deeper and more saturated. Often this is done by imitations of more expensive wood species. But the varnish does not protect the material from the sun’s rays, therefore this type of finish is only suitable for stairs inside the house, where the direct rays of the sun do not fall.
  3. Many wooden stair railings can be stained. This is a more reliable and efficient method of simulating expensive wood species. Processing is done before gluing parts.
  4. If wooden railings for stairs will be exposed to constant sunlight, it makes sense to apply special oil coatings. The paint masks the pattern of the wood, but at the same time protects the product much better than varnish.
  5. Instead of oil, it is also permissible to use water-dispersion materials. They serve for a long time and reapplication is necessary only after seven years.

As for design, here you will find absolutely any combination of shapes and colors. The railings of spiral staircases made of wood look noble, without changing the texture of the wood. Typically, carved elements from expensive species such as oak are used for such structures. The spiral staircase itself is a real decoration of the house, and paired with the intricate curves of the railing, it becomes even more spectacular. Railings of spiral staircases made of wood in a modern style can take any form, often this is a fresh approach of designers, where there is no place for the classic forms of balusters. This is a combination of metal and wood, dark almost black shades of staining, as well as the principles of minimalism. For curved wooden staircase railings, a combination with forged parts is often used, this makes the product elegant and light.

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