Wooden flower stand

Wooden flower stand

Not every flower lover has his own patio with a flower bed where you could plant your favorite plants. Therefore, such a living corner with flowers can be organized in the room. But space is limited on window sills, and not all houseplants can thrive far from the color of the sun, for example, high up on a closet. And here wooden flower stands come to the rescue.

Advantages of decorative wooden flower stands

Floor stands for flowers made of wood will help save free space in the room. At the same time, models of wooden stands with wheels are extremely mobile: they can be easily and quickly moved to any desired location. For example, in the summer, such a wooden flowerpot can be moved to a loggia or balcony, and with the advent of cold weather, it can be installed in a warm place. In addition, floor stands do not require installation, unlike wall models.

Flower stands are made of natural wood, so they are environmentally friendly. And their coating with a special matte or glossy composition will provide the necessary moisture resistance, which is very important when caring for indoor flowers.

On sale there are many different models of flower stands made of wood. You can purchase a single flower bed for a large chic plant. A multi-tiered stand looks beautiful, on which medium-sized vases with flowers have found their place. At the same time, it is very important that light penetrates to any plant in sufficient quantities, since all the flowers are located around the axis of the stand.

An elegant carved wooden flower stand will emphasize the beauty of a houseplant. Moreover, such wooden coasters can become an ornament not only for a home interior, but also fit very harmoniously into the landscape of a summer cottage.

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