Wooden balusters for stairs

wood balusters for stairs

This part of the stairs can be both purely decorative and quite practical. In the case of a tree, both of these sides are equivalent, and your staircase fully claims to be the highlight of the interior, while its design remains reliable and solid.

Balusters for stairs made of wood and the price of the issue

For obvious reasons, such staircase decor cannot be cheap. But the price also varies widely. It will largely depend on the following factors:

  • the type of wood largely determines the price of the entire structure (oak and beech remain the most expensive solution, but pine is quite democratic and affordable);
  • no less important is the processing of wood (if we are talking about factory-made flat wooden balusters for stairs, then they will be much cheaper than carved handicrafts);
  • the more complex and sophisticated the design, the more time and effort the master will need to realize the idea, which again affects the price.

In favor of wood, it should be noted that with the most complex processing, this product will be cheaper than a similar one made of metal or concrete. But you have to take into account some of the difficulties in caring for such a ladder. For example, you will have to constantly monitor the condition of the tree, clean it and apply all kinds of antiseptics and antifungal agents. The simpler the design of each element, the easier it is to keep in order. If you are ready to work the tree regularly with special compositions, remove dust and dirt in time — feel free to order the most intricate carved models.

It is also worth considering the originality of the texture of the tree. If you ordered a staircase and the design involves pure wood without paint, it is worth considering the moments with the repair. If you need to replace a part, it is better to make several spare elements in advance, since it is quite difficult to choose wood with the desired pattern and shade.

Balusters for stairs made of wood in the interior

As for the design itself and the choice of style, everything is in your hands. As a rule, wood is combined with forged metal elements, or several different types of wood are selected so that one sets off the other. As a rule, pine, birch and oak can boast the most spectacular pattern. As for the design itself, we will conditionally divide all options into three categories.

  1. Flat balusters for stairs made of wood are the most affordable option, as they do not require any complex tools. Manufacturing comes down to cutting the bars with a jigsaw, further grinding the workpiece.
  2. Much more difficult is the work on carved wooden balusters for stairs. Usually this is already an artistic work of a master and a milling machine, transitions from one diameter to another. When such a product is produced by a company and we are talking about a serial process, so-called copiers are used. This allows you to track the compliance of each detail.
  3. And finally, the most complex and expensive solution among carved wooden balusters for stairs is the author’s work of the master. Usually this is home decor in a certain style. It can be not just elegant carved columns, but whole compositions with recognizable images.

As for the combination of materials, the tandem of metal and wood will most effectively look around. In particular, the combination of dark cherry and bronze, light wood and chrome-plated metal — all this is quite successfully placed by designers in various home decorations. The staircase with oak balusters in combination with wrought iron looks gorgeous. That is why even difficulties in care do not frighten a true connoisseur of the beauty of wood in the interior.

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