Wall and ceiling paint


wall and ceiling paint

The choice of interior paint for walls and ceilings in the modern construction market of finishing materials is very diverse, so before buying, you should study the properties of different groups of paints.

Many experienced craftsmen prefer to use compositions based on linseed or hemp oil for painting indoor walls, they are the fastest drying.

Painted walls and ceilings are quite practical, easy to care for, as they are subject to wet cleaning. Another advantage of this finish is the ability to quickly repaint if you want to change the color of the painted surfaces.

When choosing paint for walls and ceilings, you should pay attention to the condition of the surface to be painted and the material on which the paint will be applied.

Various types of paints

One of the best and most popular paints used for painting walls and ceilings is water dispersion, it is quite widespread in construction, its composition is environmentally friendly, it is fire resistant, and it looks aesthetically attractive.

This paint is based on synthetic polymers such as petroleum and resin, has good adhesion, viscosity and thickness, which ensures the durability of the coating.

Also, this type of paint is moisture resistant, due to the evaporation of water and hardening after application to the surface, so it can be used for painting walls and ceilings in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets.

The most expensive interior paint suitable for application to the surface of walls and ceilings is washable latex paint applied in two layers, it is able to fill existing microcracks, its composition does not require a perfectly prepared surface and allows you to avoid puttying before painting. It is also ideal for the bathroom, as it has the ability to repel water, while maintaining its original appearance for a long time.

Acrylic washable paint is used for painting walls and ceilings in those areas where there is the greatest traffic, such as in the hallway, in the kitchen, as it is most resistant to abrasion.

For painting walls and ceilings that have roughness and irregularities, it is better to use matte paint, it will slightly mask surface defects, gloss — on the contrary, will draw attention to them.


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