Mirror ceiling

mirror ceiling

Suspended mirrored ceilings will give magnificence and a solemn look to the interior of any room, especially if it is large. Such a ceiling is distinguished not only by its aesthetically attractive appearance, but also by its practicality, because under it you can hide all the defects and shortcomings of the ceiling plate, conduct electrical wiring and other types of communications that will be hidden from view.

The mirror ceiling in the apartment is able to transform any room, visually expand it, increase illumination, by equipping it with various lamps.

The mirror elements involved in the installation of the ceiling are perfectly combined with other finishing materials, while they do not require complex maintenance, it is enough to wipe them using cleaning products designed for glasses and mirrors.

Mirrored ceilings are easy to install, have a large number of different design versions, and go well with most style solutions.

What are mirrored ceilings?

Aluminum slatted mirrored ceiling cannot be considered a full-fledged mirror, but, nevertheless, it is the most popular and in demand, especially when decorating a bathroom; chrome-plated plumbing details are perfectly combined with it, emphasizing the sophistication of the interior. The material used for the production of ceiling panels does not absorb moisture, is not subject to deformation, corrosion, therefore it is successfully used in rooms with high humidity.

Fragments for its installation are long strips of aluminum, with a mirror coating applied to them, which are mounted on a frame attached to the ceiling plate. Such a ceiling will transform a small room, making it visually more spacious, creating the illusion of bright lighting, and although it will cost a lot, the price is fully compensated by durability and beauty.

Cassette mirror ceilings just like rack, they are a suspension system in which rectangular and square modules are most often used instead of rails. But modules can also have other geometric shapes, for example, an octahedron, modern production technologies and mounting methods make it possible to create cassette ceilings of any configuration and size.

Separate cassettes, tightly adjacent to each other, create an absolutely smooth surface, while they can be easily combined with each other, creating various compositions.

look great cassette mirror ceilings in the kitchenharmoniously combined with ceramic tiles, while there will be no perspiration on such a ceiling, even above the stove, its surface can be easily cleaned of grease and dirt that has fallen on it.

In the design of a modern interior, non-standard solutions are increasingly being used, one of these is black mirrored ceiling.

This design of the mirror ceiling, combined with light interior elements, will give the room a certain charm, luxury and individuality, it will express the decorative effect a little more and is perfect for interior decoration in the living room, bedroom.

It is possible to make not the entire surface of the ceiling dark, but only part of it, in the form of an insert, especially if it is not of a standard configuration, with spotlights built into it. Such a ceiling can become a harmonious part of the overall complex, stylistic design of the designer.

Mirror ceiling with original pattern — Another extraordinary solution for interior design. A decorative pattern applied to a mirror surface can be colorless and colored at the request of the client (in this case, the pattern is filled with colored varnish). Such a ceiling does not look like a standard repetition, but is an individual, design option.

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