How to clean an iron from a burn: 10 proven methods

Residues of synthetics, starch that accumulates in the fabric after washing, other detergents, as well as dirt and dust — all this leads to contamination of the soleplate. We tell you how and how to clean the iron from burns at home.

10 proven ways to clean the iron from carbon deposits

1. Soda
2. Salt and newspaper
3. Paper towels
4. Toothpaste
5. Vinegar
6. Hydrogen peroxide
7. Acetone
8. Laundry soap
9. Paraffin candle
10. Pencil
Removing melted tissue
Eliminate scale inside and out
— citric acid
– Mineral water

one Cleaning with soda

You’ll need baking soda, water, a small bowl, a cleaning cloth, vinegar (optional), and any piece of cloth you don’t mind getting dirty, like an old kitchen towel.

To begin with, make sure that the appliance is turned off and has had time to cool down after the last ironing. Make a mixture of water and baking soda to make a thin paste. Apply this paste to the metal surface. If there are any areas that require special attention, there should be more paste. Then wipe with a clean damp cloth.

At the end, you can fill the tank with distilled water with the addition of vinegar (3 parts water — 1 part vinegar) and turn on the steam function. Iron the old towel for a few minutes until the liquid coming out of the holes is completely clean.

After disconnecting, leave in a horizontal position — residues may leak out. And wait for the device to cool down.

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2 Clean with salt and newspaper

Another easy way to clean the soleplate of an iron is with newspaper and salt. But keep in mind that in no case should you clean the Teflon and non-stick coating in this way. They do not tolerate abrasive substances.

First you need to heat the device to the maximum temperature, and then turn on the steam function. While it heats up, there is a minute to spread out a sheet of newspaper and sprinkle generously with salt. Run the hot iron over the salted newspaper until the sediment and stains disappear.


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3 Take paper towels

This method will help if there are sticky marks on the sole that are difficult to remove. Just turn on the maximum setting, activate the steam generation and swipe over a stack of paper towels, making as if sliding movements. Keep doing this until the surface is no longer sticky.


four Using toothpaste

White toothpaste (do not take with a gel structure) is another way to clean the iron.
Rub the device that has cooled down from the outlet with toothpaste from the side of the iron. Then wipe with a damp clean cloth.

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5 Try cleaning with table vinegar

How to clean a non-stick iron? After all, as you know, it requires special delicacy in care. The answer is simple — table vinegar. There are several options.

The easiest is to soak a cotton swab in acid and simply wipe the sole. But this method is only suitable if the pollution is small.

If the soot is strong, you will need a concentrated solution of vinegar — 70%. And the device will have to heat up. After that, take a cotton swab wrapped in gauze, clamp it with pliers (or any other tool so as not to burn yourself) and wipe the soot. To enhance the effect, ammonia can be added to acetic acid in the same proportion — one to one.

In especially severe cases, you can take a piece of cloth, soak it in acid and cover the appliance. The solution should soften the plaque. Remove dark stains from stains with the soft side of a sponge or paper towels after the technique has completely cooled down.


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6 We use hydrogen peroxide

Another easy way to clean is with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Some recommend warming up the equipment a bit, others can handle cold spots as well. Try it this way and that.

Wipe the stains with a cotton swab or napkin soaked in peroxide until they disappear completely.

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7 Acetone vs plastic

How to clean the iron at home if plastic is burned on it? You can try using acetone or nail polish remover based on it. It’s simple: just wipe a cold surface with cotton wool, without heating. But be extremely careful, try not to touch other plastic parts. Acetone can damage paint.

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eight Remove stains with laundry soap

This is a good way to clean fresh soot. For old stubborn stains, it will not work. And one more thing: if the device has a embossed sole with many holes, then it is also better to refuse this method. Or get ready to clean holes with ear sticks and toothpicks.

Laundry soap is easy to use. Rub the sole with a piece, preheating a little. When the soap is melted, it will soften the soot. The point is small: gently remove it with a rag.


9 Paraffin candle for a smooth surface

How to clean the ceramic soleplate of an iron? We suggest trying a non-standard way — cleaning with a paraffin candle. And in this case, be careful with relief models. If paraffin gets inside the steam hole, it will probably stain things later.

Heat up the appliance. Wrap the candle in cotton or paper and rub the hot surface. In order not to stain the room, lay newspapers or an unnecessary napkin under your feet — the wax will melt and drain. Wax residue can be removed with paper towels. Be careful not to get burned. Hardened wax is more difficult to clean, so you have to act quickly.


ten Pencil — a remedy for persistent pollution

The stick can hardly be called a folk remedy. But, if other methods did not help, we recommend trying it. Moreover, it is suitable for any coating: from Teflon to steel.

It is very simple to use: the heated surface is wiped with a special pencil. It melts and gradually dissolves carbon deposits. All that needs to be done after is to carefully remove the tool.

If the soot is persistent, you will have to use it several times.

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How to clean the iron from burnt fabric

When you didn’t guess with the heating mode, a similar nuisance happens — a piece remains on the ironing surface. And you have to scrape with something hard, which is also not very good — because it scratches. Try the following chain of actions.

  • First, heat the device to a warm state until the stuck piece begins to soften.
  • Then remove what can be removed — be sure to use a wooden spatula so as not to scratch the surface.
  • Disconnect and use tweezers to push the pieces out of the holes.
  • And in the end, you can try the method with baking soda from point 1.
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Eliminate scale inside and out

Hard water, which flows even in modern homes, does not have the best effect on electrical engineering. As a result of the use of tap water, scale forms inside and outside the appliances.

Before trying home methods, we advise you to check the device for the presence of a self-cleaning function. In fact, not everyone thoroughly studies the possibilities of technology before starting work. If you are not sure, check the instructions. Not every appliance can be cleaned with the same vinegar or mineral water.

With citric acid

Before you clean the iron with citric acid, prepare everything you need. You will need the powder itself, water, pieces of gauze and cotton wool.

Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of citric acid in water. Then soak the fabric in the resulting mixture and spread it over the sole. Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes. To be sure to remove scale, turn on the appliance. Remaining dirt can be removed with toothpicks. A similar solution can be made from vinegar and lemon juice, they will enhance the effect of the acid.

To clean the equipment from the inside, you need to pour a glass of acid solution inside. Turn on the steam mode and let the steam flow until the liquid has completely evaporated until the water runs clear.


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If there is mineral water

Mineral water with gas does not clean off old scale. But it can be used for prevention purposes after a couple of years of using the equipment. It is only important to take a mineral water with an acidic, not alkaline composition, that is, with a pH value below 9.

The cleaning algorithm is very simple. Take a glass of mineral water and pour it inside. Turn on the appliance in steam mode. And press the appropriate button until the liquid has completely evaporated.

It is best to do the manipulation in the bathroom.



In order to less often wonder how and with what to clean the iron from burn on the sole at home, we suggest following a number of simple rules. They will help keep your device clean.

Compliance with the temperature regime is the most important thing in the operation of small household appliances. Be sure to check the label on your clothing and follow the directions. Linen is the most durable material that is ironed at the maximum temperature: from 180 to 200 degrees. Cotton is a little softer, it is ironed at 170-180 degrees. Delicate silk requires a low temperature regime, no more than 70 degrees. Ironing recommendations for synthetics vary: some fabrics like polyester are ironed at 60 degrees and below, while others are more than 100 degrees. The second point is to use an ironing board. This will definitely protect against accidental ingress of foreign fabrics and materials on the surface of the ironed clothes.


Third: do not neglect the gauze. And this applies not only to synthetic materials and wool, but also to linen and cotton. The fabric will help to avoid shine and burn. You can replace gauze with synthetic ironing material, this is a piece of mesh fabric.

The fourth rule concerns the interior of the technique. If the model does not have a self-cleaning function, use filtered or distilled water.

Finally, wipe the device with a damp cloth before and after use — this way you will get rid of dust that can get inside over time.

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