Carved stretch ceilings


carved stretch ceilings

Carved stretch ceilings are a novelty used in interior design, which appeared in 2015. Their most important quality, attracting more and more new consumers, is the original, aesthetically attractive appearance.

Thanks to modern latest technology, you can move away from the usual ways of decorating ceiling surfaces and create a unique and inimitable interior design in your home. At its core, it is a multi-color stretch ceiling with slots that can be evenly or randomly located on the surface, this allows you to experiment with lighting.

The design features are that at least two layers of film are used when decorating the ceiling. The first layer is the background, it can be either glossy or matte, in any color you choose. The second layer of the film is different in color and has decorative cutouts made by a plotter using laser perforation, which can have either a regular geometric shape or be in the form of original ornaments or the most complex, exquisite patterns. In order for the film not to tear under tension, not to spread and not to sag over time, the edges of the cutouts are slightly melted.

Most often, the upper layers of the ceiling are decorated with colored bright glossy films, for the lower layers — choose matte canvases, white, cream or other light colors.

Installation of a stretch carved ceiling

There are various options for mounting a carved stretch ceiling:

  • both layers of the film can fit tightly to each other, forming a single, monolithic surface;
  • between the layers, you can make a small gap, this will create the effect of three-dimensionality of the ceiling surface;
  • it is possible to create a multi-level structure by arranging the layers in multi-stage.

The carved ceiling can be used in any interior style, the main thing is to harmoniously choose the shape of the pattern that can emphasize its features. The interior of the room in which such a decorative ceiling is created looks unique, beautiful and modern.

Such options for finishing the ceiling with smooth contours cannot be created using any other material, technologically this can only be done using a film for stretch ceilings.

The film used for stretch ceilings is perfectly combined in interior design with other modern finishing materials, while it is environmentally friendly, moisture resistant, and fireproof.

You can make the interior in your apartment or house special and unique right now, when carved stretch ceilings are just starting to become popular and are not yet very widely used for design.

Carved stretch ceiling with lighting

By placing LEDs under the top film or between layers, we get a carved illuminated ceiling with a 3D effect. This option can be used as a subdued, translucent lighting, while the design of the luminous area on the ceiling can be anything from a flower in a child’s room to an original pattern in a bedroom or living room.

The perforated canvas, combined with the built-in lighting elements, creates a three-dimensional effect, an exclusive and sophisticated decor. By installing a dynamic light system with filters, you can achieve the visual effect of slowly flowing water or the play of light, this will allow you to relax and unwind.

The use of this technology helps to visually correct the incorrect layout of the room, increasing or decreasing the space in width and height, and highlighting the center of the room.


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