Advantages of stretch ceilings


advantages of stretch ceilings

No matter how ideal a stretch ceiling is, it has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before installation. There are much fewer of the latter, so let’s first consider the positive aspects of stretch ceilings.

What are the advantages of a stretch ceiling?

The advantage of stretch ceilings over drywall is the ease and speed of installation. The work on stretching the canvas is clean and neat. Drywall involves the purchase of a large number of components, careful cutting of the material, subsequent puttying and painting, finishing. At the same time, the design itself from it turns out to be quite heavy. The final quality of the work can also be much worse than a perfectly even film or fabric web.

Stretch ceilings are glossy, satin and matte.

The advantages of a glossy stretch ceiling are beautiful reflectivity, water resistance and easy maintenance. It visually enlarges the space, decorates the interior and becomes its main accent.

The advantages of a satin stretch ceiling in decorative features and the possibility of selecting material with shades of mother-of-pearl or metallic, the sheen of silk on the surface makes the canvas unique, in different lighting the surface of the coating will look different.

Matte ceilings are perfectly smooth, do not reflect glare, are waterproof, and have a low price. The possibility of drawing a picture, photo printing on a stretch ceiling makes it especially popular.

The disadvantages of stretch ceilings include the likelihood of sagging with a coverage area of ​​​​more than 50 square meters and the danger of mechanical damage with a sharp object.

Given all the pros and cons of any coating with modern technologies, you can easily choose the material you like and arrange a beautiful and stylish ceiling in the room.


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