round lamp


round lamp

A round lamp can be called various design options for a lighting device based on a circle. Suitable for this name are spherical lamps, and models with a cylindrical shade, and flat round options. However, they are all divided depending on the method of attachment to the surface.

Hanging round lamps

This option is a lamp, the base of which is fixed to the ceiling, and the ceiling itself is removed from it at some distance and is held on a special leg or suspension chain. Especially such design options look good in large high rooms or rooms with a classic style of interior decoration. If only one large round lamp is used in the design, then it is usually placed in the center. Several small ones can be located in different parts of the ceiling.

Another type of pendant lighting element is wall-mounted round lamps. In this embodiment, the ceiling is not under, but on the side of the base. Such round lamps are used in the interior as additional light sources or independently.

Overhead round lamps

In this design option, the base of the lamp is fixed to the ceiling, and a protruding ceiling is already installed (as if superimposed) on it. These options look great in both large and small rooms, but they still visually hide the height of the ceiling a little. Such models can also be used as round street lamps, if you want to choose a more interesting and non-standard option than the usual pendant ones.

Recessed round luminaires

These lamps do not have a part protruding above the ceiling surface, they are completely «recessed» into the ceiling. Ideal for suspended or tension structures. Most often in stores you can find white round lamps or models in the color of metal. They are the most versatile and fit well into any interior. Round flat luminaires can also be successfully used for grillato ceilings with square cells. They will bring unusual notes to this design.


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