Decorative grilles in the interior

Decorative grilles in the interior

There are many ways to zone the space in any room, one of which is the use of decorative grilles in the interior. With their help, you can create a visual illusion of the division of space, and in combination with the right lighting, original patterns of light and shadow appear.

Benefits of decorative grilles

When using wooden openwork decorative lattices in the form of partitions, the room does not seem cramped, but, on the contrary, the interior looks airy and light. Decorative lattices are especially popular for dividing into zones in a studio apartment. With the help of decorative wooden lattices, you can separate a corner for eating, relaxing or sports. Such interior elements are easy to care for, are not afraid of the rays of the sun, and, coated with special agents, are resistant to moisture.

A room with a play of chiaroscuro and a three-dimensional effect looks original and unusual when decorative wood grilles are installed on the ceiling, walls or even in front of a mirror. Such decoration will make the interior of the room complete and memorable.

In addition to zoning, decorative grilles are used as screens for heating radiators. The shape and color of such interior elements can be very different. The main thing is that the decor of the lattice looks harmonious against the background of the rest of the room. They decorate stairs, bar counters, lamps, etc. with interior gratings. For these purposes, products made of metal, plastic, wood or MDF are used.

Decorative grilles will serve as a wonderful decoration for any interior, from classic, baroque to modern urbanism and hi-tech. They are used, except for residential premises, in clubs and bars, offices and shopping centers, hotels and sports facilities.

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