9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle Christmas Decor


Tons of plastic, artificial Christmas trees, tinsel, garlands — all this finds shelter in garbage cans almost immediately after the holiday. This is the wrong and environmentally destructive way to dispose of toxic materials. We’ll tell you how to do it better.

Listed the main principles of environmentally friendly disposal in the video

one Divide and throw away

Wrapping paper is disposed of in different ways, depending on its composition. For example, materials with gilding and similar embellishments that are overlaid rather than glued are sorted like other paper waste. But packages with glued glitter or other artificial decor should be disposed of along with plastic waste. Please note that if plastic bags have paper labels, it is important to collect them separately in a paper container.

2 Use in everyday decor

In order not to throw out toxic garlands after the holidays, try to find a use for them around the house. Old New Year’s can be used for decoration, for example, as a decorative lighting option or as additional lighting in the garden in summer.

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3 Plant out in the yard

The most environmentally friendly is a live Christmas tree in a pot. It can be dressed up for the New Year, and then grown at home until spring. When the snow melts, move the tree to the open ground in the garden or in the yard of the house. The pot can be used in everyday life for storing or transplanting houseplants.

four Donate to the zoo

A cut live Christmas tree can be disposed of in many ways. The most unusual is to take it to the zoo. For example, the Moscow Zoo regularly announces the collection of conifers for its pets. Many of them are not averse to having a snack or chewing on spruce branches, and elephants love to play with whole tree trunks. Keep track of similar promotions.

5 Use as long as possible

Artificial Christmas trees are the most difficult to recycle. They are made from different types of plastic, including polyvinyl chloride, which is highly polluting when disposed of. The difficulty lies in the fact that the composition of the material often changes. In addition, it is not possible to separate and process complex components separately.

The only advantage of an artificial Christmas tree in terms of environmental benefits is its durability. Unlike live spruce, artificial spruce can be used for several years in a row. In this regard, there is an easy way to save nature — use an artificial tree as long as possible and store it carefully.

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6 Take advantage of the second-hand market

If you’re looking to replace your artificial spruce, consider purchasing a hand-made one. In the same way, you can sell yours. The longer artificial models will be in use, the less harm to the environment.

7 Rent to vintage shop

It’s about the same story as with the plastic Christmas tree. It is best to use toys for as long as possible. If damaged, you can give it for restoration or repair it yourself.

The most environmentally friendly are toys made of glass, clay, wood and other natural materials. The rest, those made of plastic, it is important to extend the life as much as possible. For example, try to hand over unnecessary ones to a vintage store or sell them on an ad. Try to choose the highest quality jewelry that will not fall into disrepair after the New Year.

eight Dispose of as electrical waste

This applies to old LED or lamp garlands. The most environmentally friendly way is to take them not to the trash can next door, but to a collection point for old electrical appliances. The organization that is engaged in such collection must have a license for processing.

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9 Sort like plastic

Some of the accessories can be disposed of together with plastic and polyethylene. For example, all old tinsel and cellophane wrapping can be attributed to this category.

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