10 cool jungle interiors for houseplant lovers


Indoor plants saturate the interior not only with additional oxygen, but also with pleasant natural aesthetics. Now it is fashionable to decorate houses in a relaxed style with the involvement of a large number of natural materials and shades. But it is indoor flowers that belong to the timeless decor, which will always be relevant in interiors.

one Scandi-style apartment with lots of textiles

A lot of natural textiles and indoor flowers make this apartment very cute. Supports the atmosphere of a warm palette, consisting of beige-brown shades. The natural texture of wood on the lamp in the living room and wall decor also contributes to the overall concept of a simple and cozy space.

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2 Interior with a mix of textures and a bright palette

A variety of colors and different textures within the same interior looks unusual. Active self-sufficient colors and a mix of styles fill the space with a bright character. And indoor plants here bring an additional shade to the overall bright palette.

3 Minimalist space with large potted flowers

Despite the fact that this apartment clearly focuses on airiness and a minimum number of details, indoor plants have taken their place in the interior. For example, in the living room, they simultaneously function as floor and wall decor due to their size.

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four Monochrome interior with plants as the main color accent

Plants in this apartment are perhaps the brightest accent in the interior. This applies to both decorative properties and colors — after all, the main part of the space is decorated in black and white. With indoor flowers, the interior looks livelier and more interesting.

5 Strict masculine interior with interesting decor and flowers everywhere

An unusual approach to the design of the male interior is a large number of plants and stylistically bright decor. Otherwise, the space is decorated quite traditionally, with a discreet palette and classic furniture. The minimalist design of the walls dilutes just the active catchy decor.

6 Apartment with retro furniture and relaxed boho mood

This is not to say that this interior is decorated entirely in retro style. Antique furniture here coexists with quite modern details. Accents are placed with the help of decor — it adds a romantic and relaxed mood to the interior, and a large number of indoor plants reinforce this pleasant melancholy.

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7 A space filled with eco-friendly details and natural shades

Plants fit into this interior as well as possible — as if the space was waiting for their appearance. A soft natural palette, diluted with a natural shade of green, looks fresh and not overloaded. The décor completes the space: bright textures of wood, natural fabrics and other materials reinforce the overall concept of eco-space.

eight Retro interior with bright decor and eye-catching details

The “face” of this interior is given by the details. They are so bright and original that they bring together completely different objects in the house. Houseplants look like just one facet of this colorful space.

9 Calm and harmonious space, where there are many colors and nothing superfluous

Minimalist interior, the main decoration of which is the details: an unusual palette in the decor, interesting prints and a large number of indoor plants. Without this, the space would be lost and look rather bland.

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ten A true urban jungle where flowers take center stage

The owner of this interior probably wanted to live in the forest, but something did not work out. The apartment resembles a real jungle — plants here, without exception, are everywhere. With such an interior, there is, perhaps, no need for a country house and trips to nature — nature itself came to visit the owner.



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