Transparent self-leveling floor


transparent self-leveling floor 0

To create decorative floors, sealing transparent bulk mixtures are often used. This is an epoxy or polymer composition that is resistant to temperature extremes, wear-resistant and durable. It is intended as a top coat when using the following types of coatings:

  • self-leveling floors 3D with photographs and drawings;
  • surfaces «stone carpet» of multi-colored sand;
  • coatings with sealed decorative components (leaves, coins, sparkles, pebbles.).

Features of transparent bulk coatings

Transparent epoxy self-leveling floor is considered the cheapest and most resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Its advantage is obvious — the layer is highly decorative and is able to reliably protect the applied decorative pattern. As a result of pouring, a strong structure is obtained, harmless to health. Epoxy floors are easy to repair — just a brush stroke in case of cracks or scratches. The epoxy mixture does not have a yellow tint that can occur when using a transparent polyurethane self-leveling floor. The latter are most often used in industrial facilities and with the addition of coloring pigments.

It is often used to fill tiles, mosaics, concrete with a transparent self-leveling floor. This treatment eliminates joints, removes dust from the surface and provides easier cleaning.

Special protective varnishes are designed to protect the surface from damage, many have anti-slip characteristics.

Transparent self-leveling floors — a new word in the field of flooring. These are excellent design solutions with unique patterns. They have a protective function, protecting the main coating, and play an important role in creating an original beautiful design.


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