New and budget storage ideas: how to use 6 unexpected items that you have in the house

How to successfully and usefully fit an ordinary plate, glass or empty water bottle into the interior? Don’t be afraid to give familiar items unusual properties, such as using them as additional storage items.

one Plate or tray

Storage on a kitchen tray is already periodically found in interiors, as a rule, it is a stand for useful little things, keys in the hallway or important papers. With plates, the situation is different, they are still more often used in the kitchen. And they lose a lot, because a neat minimalist white plate on a chest of drawers or a desktop can become an interior decoration in itself, but, most importantly, it is convenient to put useful things in it. For example, jewelry, accessories, credit and discount cards, all these items look great in this storage option.

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2 Cup

At many houses, on the back shelves in the kitchen set, faceted retro glasses made of durable glass are gathering dust. Brush them off the dust and use in everyday life. However, the most ordinary glass can also be used. What to store this way: stationery, kitchen accessories, toothbrushes, makeup brushes.

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3 Plastic or glass bottles

Perhaps everything can be stored in bottles: cereals, stationery, cosmetics, tools and small consumables like nuts. Go ahead and glue a few bottles together and you have a handy organizer. In a word, arm yourself with the idea of ​​reasonable consumption and use plastic and glass for as long as possible.

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four Pickle jar

Why buy glass jars in the store when there are their own on the shelves of the refrigerator — carefully storing the autumn harvest. Yes, they may not have a spectacular clip-on lid, but otherwise the functionality is the same. If you have several empty canning jars in your house, they can and should be used in organizing storage.

Clean all labels and replace iron lids with plastic ones: the iron can rust from moisture or react with food to ruin it. These jars can be used in the manner of containers for storing bulk or ready-made products in the refrigerator, they can store household chemicals and use the most aesthetic ones on the dressing table for cotton pads and other small things. Be sure to put new stickers on each jar indicating what is stored in them. This is how you update them.

5 planter

An ordinary flower pot can be a great help for storing small things. Naturally, first it needs to be properly cleaned of the horticultural past, after which it can be safely used to organize hygiene accessories in the bathroom, if the shape allows — roomy and deep — you can store umbrellas or a press in it.

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6 cake stand

A cake rack or a single-tier pastry rack is a great option for storing accessories in the bathroom or spices and seasonings in the kitchen.

You can set up a convenient tea station on it if you like this drink: put sugar, tea, herbs and a box of cookies. It is especially convenient to use a cake stand that is spinning: to find the right jar, it will be enough just to turn the stand.

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