Linoleum on felt base

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Linoleum has been a popular floor covering for many years. It is hygienic, has excellent performance, inexpensive material, easy to install. Among its many types, felt-based linoleum stands out. It is made up of several layers.

A protective coating is located on top, which improves wear resistance and prevents gradual contamination of the material. The bottom layer is a felt substrate, in the middle there is polyvinyl chloride with a decorative image. The felt base is characterized by a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. Such a substrate makes it possible to lay this material even on a concrete floor or when the surface is complicated by defects and small height differences.

Features of felt linoleum

The advantages of felt-based linoleum include its price, ease of installation, high noise and waterproofing, the ability to mask surface irregularities, elasticity and comfort when walking on the material.

The disadvantages of felt-based linoleum include low resistance to mechanical stress, operating time limited to 10 years and low resistance to water. Such material is not used in rooms in which high humidity remains for a long time.

The decorative layer of felt-based linoleum consists of polyvinyl chloride, it is made in various patterns throughout the entire thickness of the material. This technology allows you to preserve the beauty of the coating for a long time.

For wet rooms or rooms with heavy loads, foam-based linoleum is more suitable than felt. It is resistant to moisture, has increased thermal insulation performance and sound absorption. A transparent film is applied on top of the layers, which protects the product from mechanical shocks and dirt. Its top layer, as well as felt linoleum, can be of different colors: from avant-garde to traditional.

PVC gives the product elasticity and resistance to heavy loads. It has high tensile and tear resistance.

Many manufacturers introduce a fiberglass layer into the composition of linoleum, which ensures the integrity and rigidity of the entire canvas.

Insulated linoleum perfectly combines softness, the ability to keep warm, low abrasion, low residual deformation. It allows you to quickly and efficiently insulate and decorate any floors.

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