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Arrangement of a stretch ceiling is a crucial stage in the final finishing of the room. It is important that the color and texture of the ceiling cover blends perfectly with the color of the walls and furniture. Glossy ceiling is one of the most popular options at present.

Pros and cons of glossy ceiling

As an alternative to a glossy ceiling, a matte finish is usually given. Both of these types are made of PVC film, which stretches under the influence of temperature and creates an even ceiling coating.

The main advantage of gloss is its ability to reflect incoming light. This makes the room visually larger and brighter. That is why glossy ceilings can often be found in very small rooms.

On the other hand, it is on the gloss that all stains and dust are perfectly visible, it is quite difficult to wash it so that there are no streaks left on the ceiling.

Glossy ceiling in the interior

If we talk about the use of this coating in rooms with different purposes, then most often you can find a glossy ceiling in hall or living room, as these rooms are furnished more solemnly and festively. In addition, all owners want to be the owners of large rooms for receiving guests, and the visual effect created by the gloss turns out to be most welcome.

If the height of the room allows, then you can equip two-level glossy ceilingwhich will look more interesting from a design point of view.

Another way to transform rooms is to choose glossy ceiling with photo printing.

But glossy bedroom ceiling — not so obvious choice, since many people do not like to see their reflection in bed, they are afraid of this mirror effect. The solution can be to install a glossy satin ceiling, which also has a sheen, but its reflective effect is much lower than that of the classic version.

Glossy bathroom ceiling creates a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Color options or ceilings with photo printing will look the most advantageous here.

Glossy ceiling in the kitchen visually expand this room. Classic glossy white ceilings will look ideal in this room, but you will have to put in a lot of effort to keep this coating clean. If you want to decorate this room a little, you can install an unusual glossy backlit ceiling.

Glossy ceiling in the hallway very logical, because this is perhaps the smallest room in many apartments and it is she who needs a visual increase in size. This can be done using classic color schemes, or you can install an unusual black glossy ceiling, which will not look gloomy at all, but, on the contrary, will bring zest to the interior.


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