6 plants with large leaves that will make your apartment the most stylish


Living plants add a little freshness and novelty to the interior. In connection with the coming spring, such a transformation in the interior will be very useful. We tell you what plants can decorate your home.

one Banana

The banana tree is an exotic plant that resembles a palm tree. It has huge elongated leaves, it looks very beautiful in the interior. Looking at this outlandish plant, it seems that it requires complex care. Actually it is not. The banana is native to the tropics, so it loves warm air and good humidity. But it is better not to put it in the sun, since under natural conditions it grows in the shady jungle.

Despite the future size of the plant, you should not immediately buy a huge planter for it. You need to transplant a banana as needed, when the root system develops and the previous pot becomes small.

2 Monstera

Monstera leaves are more familiar in appearance: they are found in interiors much more often than a banana. Monstera is now at the peak of popularity. The print with its leaves is used on textiles, clothing, wallpaper and decor. If you put a plant at home, it will make the apartment more stylish.

It should be remembered that with good care, the monstera will begin to grow rapidly, so provide a place for such a flower in advance. The plant needs regular watering and feeding. It should be placed in a bright place, but not under direct sunlight. Monstera does not like to be moved around often and may stop developing because of this.

3 dieffenbachia

A bright evergreen shrub with striped leaves can grow into a two-meter tree if its leaves are not trimmed in time. A nice bonus is that regardless of the season, dieffenbachia looks the same: the leaves may fade a little, but not much.

It is impossible to ventilate next to the flower, as the plant does not like drafts and prefers a well-heated room. In order for Dieffenbachia to feel better, arrange a “vacation” for her: in winter, reduce watering and top dressing, the plant will rest.

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four Medinilla

This is a very aesthetic flower with large glossy leaves and delicate light pink flowers that hang down in clusters. It will perfectly fit into the interior, fill it with elegant notes and, of course, will become a decoration of the space.

Medinilla care is quite complicated, but the beauty of the plant is worth it. This is a tropical inhabitant, so it is necessary to create conditions close to «native»: no drafts, good air humidification and lighting. In winter, this can be achieved with the help of lighting for plants.

5 Aglaonema

This plant is somewhat reminiscent of dieffenbachia, but in size it is more compact. Its leaves can have a different color: they differ in stripes of white or red.

This is another representative of the tropics, so it requires appropriate growing conditions. To maintain the optimal level of humidity around the flower, you can place a tray of water nearby, use a humidifier, or rinse the plant frequently in the shower. Do not put aglaonema next to the battery or in direct sunlight.

6 ficus lyrata

Despite its exotic appearance and large leaves, the ficus is unpretentious in care, like all its fellows in the family. It is necessary to water the plant regularly, replant and remove damaged leaves in time so that its appearance does not suffer.

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