Warm linoleum

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To create a comfortable warm floor, you can choose affordable linoleum, instead of expensive materials and heating systems. The popularity of this coating is due to its excellent performance and ease of installation. It can be mounted on various bases — concrete, wood or plywood.

Varieties of warm linoleum

Such material is divided into two types — insulated and warm-based linoleum.

Insulated linoleum is the cheapest and easiest. It consists of a jute or felt base and a working surface made of PVC film. The product is elastic, soft, mounted with glue or glueless method. Differs in excellent heat-insulating characteristics.

The disadvantages of this type include the impossibility of laying in places with high humidity and high traffic. A felt base with poor waterproofing can be affected by mold and fungus. In places with high traffic, the working surface quickly becomes thinner.

Modern linoleum on a warm basis combines 5-6 layers. Its base is foam rubber, which makes it resistant to heavy loads. The second layer — fiberglass guarantees the strength of the product. The patterned decorative coating is protected by a wear-resistant outer material.

When deciding which linoleum is warmer and which is better to choose, you need to take into account the characteristics of the room, its humidity and permeability. The advantage of the insulated material is its attractive price. By adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can achieve a long service life. For rooms with high humidity, you definitely need to choose foam-based linoleum.

Thanks to insulation, linoleum remains a versatile coating that can be used in any room. With it, you can equip a comfortable warm floor and decorate the interior.

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