Stretch ceilings-clouds

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The image of a blue or blue sky with picturesque clouds on a stretch ceiling has become real with the advent of a large-format print. This is the absolute leader in the design of ceiling finishes. Designers try to diversify such a pattern to the maximum, fitting it into a round or oval design, complementing the glow of stars or ceiling lighting.

There are two types of stretch ceilings — a standard pattern on a glossy film or photo printing on any material (satin, gloss, matte).

Stretch ceiling-clouds in the interior

Stretch ceiling-clouds are most often used for a children’s room. Wallpapers depicting nature, animals are ideal for such a ceiling design. In the database of pictures you can find photos with classic clouds, sunset, rainbow, with angels, birds. Solid wallpaper of beige, white, peach color goes well with this design.

There are options for using heavenly drawings in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, they visually add height to the room. When applying such an image, the bounding plane of the coating disappears, instead an endless bewitching sky appears, and the boundaries of the space of the room change beyond recognition.

It is advisable to use such drawings in spacious rooms, in cramped quarters they will look out of place.

The use of LED strip lighting for stretch ceiling clouds increases the effect of the sky, gives it an inner glow. Experimenting with the glow on the surface, we get a 3D ceiling that emits scattered sunlight.

A stretch ceiling depicting the sky and clouds is considered an ideal landscape for relieving tension, rest and relaxation. Such a drawing seems bottomless and never gets boring.

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