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The modern ceiling is an important part of the interior, completing the design of the room as a whole. Its decor should be in harmony with the style of the room. From a wide variety of modern materials, you can mount wooden, suspended stretch or plasterboard ceilings, multi-level with additional lighting and spotlights.

Variety of modern ceilings

In the design of modern ceilings in the bedroom or living room, different types of multi-level stretch and suspended structures are most often used. Such systems allow you to create amazing smooth curved or geometric shapes, built-in diffused lighting helps to create compositions that are unique in beauty on the ceiling. With the help of multi-level systems and lighting, you can visually divide the room into different zones.

Modern ceilings for wet rooms — kitchens, bathrooms — must be resistant to the spread of mold, as well as grease and soot. For this, materials may be suitable — film materials, PVC panels, cassette and rack suspension systems.

Modern ceiling tiles create a versatile finish that hides unevenness and cracks. Such a surface is easy to clean with cleaning products, so it is appropriate to use it in rooms where frequent cleaning is required.

Elite modern ceilings are decorated not with single-color films, but with luxurious images, in combination with the second level, such designs look like paintings in a frame. Coatings with images or stucco in the Empire, Baroque, and Classic styles look luxurious. Recently, you can find ceilings made of elite ceiling panels made of wood, stone, they create an atmosphere of prosperity and luxury.

The stylish concept of the ceiling space will breathe new life into the interior of the room. Such options will allow you to enjoy the contemplation of the ceiling for many years.

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