Laminate on the floor

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Laminate is the most popular flooring today. It is characterized by practicality, attractive appearance and low cost.

First of all, such a coating must be selected according to the parameters of wear resistance, strength and quality. Then you need to decide on the style of the interior and the color of the floor material.

Varieties of laminate

There is a certain set of wood colors that are used to make a laminated board. It:

  • shades of warm yellow-red palette;
  • stained wood color — black;
  • bleached and white;
  • cold gamma — all colors of gray, smoky, ashy;
  • dark brown colors;
  • neutral beige.

Depending on the type of top layer, the material is:

  • a glossy, reflective surface adds solemnity, splendor to the room and looks elegant, but it is slippery and traces are clearly visible on it;
  • matte, the surface looks more calm and comfortable, such a floor does not slip, traces and prints are not noticeable on it;
  • textured material, its surface is not smooth and imitates natural material;
  • laminate with chamfers, has saw cuts along the edges of the board, gives the surface a natural look, defects on such a plane are not noticeable.

The thickness of the laminate sheets are from 0.6 to 12 mm. You can lay it straight, diagonally, squares or herringbone.

Interiors with laminate flooring

Often, laminate flooring is matched to the overall hue of a room to create a particular background or texture, and the color of the flooring is used as an accent in the room.

Light laminate flooring is most often used to create a neutral tone.

A light coating can be used in a classic or high-tech interior, it allows you to push the boundaries of the room, especially useful for small rooms.

Dark furniture and accessories are perfectly combined with such a shade of material.

The use of dark laminate on the floors will allow you to focus on the floor design. It is appropriate to combine such material with light or bright furniture.

Another design technique is a combination of floor covering and door shade. Doors should have a color a few shades darker or lighter than the floor, so as not to merge with it. Then all the components will harmoniously fit into the intended interior.

In small apartments, decorated in the same style, the laminate is laid everywhere the same.

In spacious rooms, you can choose different textures and contrasting colors, different styling methods. With the help of a variety of flooring, you can zone the room.

Laminate with high wear resistance on the floor can be laid in any room, even in the country, in the kitchen, in the hallway, on the loggia, that is, in rooms with increased load and high traffic. In the country, it is better to buy frost-resistant material with moisture-resistant impregnation, so that you don’t have to worry about its safety when the room is not heated in winter.

Thanks to the variety of textures and colors, you can implement any room design in a variety of styles.

Country often uses a dark color laminate, which repeats the structure of the plank floor.

For the Provence floor, a light laminated board with an aged texture or bleached oak is perfect.

Minimalism loves moderation; you can lay material in white, black or gray on the floor.

High-tech interiors often use black or gray laminate.

Long service life, presentable appearance, a large selection of color options and textures have won laminate flooring the first place among modern floor coverings.

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