How to sheathe the ceiling?

how to sheathe the ceiling 0

To answer the question, what is the best way to sheathe the ceiling, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the proposed materials, their cost, take into account the operating conditions and the technology for their installation, advantages over other options.

If repairs are made in a private house, then the answer to the question of how to sheathe the ceiling is very simple: it is better to use light, environmentally friendly and natural materials.

Modern design solutions most often use suspended and tension mounting options and ceiling finishes, they look aesthetically attractive, stylish and popular. With this method of finishing, a perfectly flat surface, labor-intensive preparatory work is not required.

Ceiling decoration in various rooms

Thinking about how to sheathe the ceiling in the country, many decide that they should not choose expensive materials, because it is not the main housing. A beautiful and comfortable house will look like if the ceiling in it is finished with clapboard, it is easy to install and looks very harmonious in the country.

Also popular materials used for finishing ceilings in such buildings and inexpensive in cost are foam and plastic boards, MDF panels, plywood.

Before deciding how to decorate the ceiling on a balcony or on a veranda, it should be noted that the material must be resistant to temperature changes and moisture. A very rational solution would be to use such a moisture-resistant material as metal or vinyl siding, it is able to maintain strength and attractiveness for a long time, is not subject to corrosion and decay, is easy to install and maintain.

Also practical and cost-effective type of ceiling decoration on the balcony and veranda are plastic panels, they are resistant to moisture and not subject to deformation.

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