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Gray linoleum looks great in the interior of any room, a stylish and modern shade of «gray oak» (tarkett), one of the most popular and in demand lately.

So that gray linoleum does not make the room cold, you should definitely use several bright objects in the interior design, such as a picture, sofa cushions, figurines.

Gray linoleum in various rooms of the house

Light gray linoleum is perfectly combined with appliances in the hall, kitchen. At the same time, it visually expands the space; for small rooms, a light tone chosen for the floor is the best choice.

In the hallway or in the kitchen, gray marbled or tile-like linoleum will look great — its neutral color is the best way to ensure that dirt is not so noticeable. Linoleum under natural stone or tile looks so impressive and natural that it is not immediately possible to determine that this is just an imitation.

The light tone of gray wood-like linoleum suits almost all modern interior solutions, it is universal, it will bring a certain lightness and freshness to the room, the main thing is to harmoniously choose wallpaper and doors.

The light gray color of linoleum will not fit only into the classic style of the interior; a dark gray or beige-gray shade will be better for it.

Plain gray linoleum of a cold shade is preferable to use in rooms in which there is an excess of sunlight, where the windows face south.

The gray color of linoleum is neutral, it can have a relaxing and calming effect on those present, but to make it look beautiful, it should be beaten a little by adding bright, original accents in the form of decorative elements, furniture, lamps.

The gray color of the floor, taken as the basis for creating the interior in the room, can be slightly diluted with pink, purple, red tones, this classic combination, using this rule, you can create an atmosphere of elegance, sophistication and lightness.

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