Combined stretch ceilings

combined stretch ceilings 0

Stretch ceilings, combined with other types of finishing materials, most often having an exclusive design solution, look very stylish and beautiful, the main thing is that they have the same mounting system.

One of the most popular are illuminated stretch ceilings, combined with plasterboard suspended ceilings. Mounting the backlight in this design can be both open and hidden. Inserts are made both from plasterboard into the main stretch panel, and vice versa, a stretch fabric is inserted into the center of the plasterboard ceiling.

Combined single-level stretch ceilings look like a single whole canvas, composed and soldered from separate materials of different composition, type, texture. Such combined stretch ceilings can be made up of several colors, be glossy or matte, have mirror inserts, the main thing is that the combination of materials be harmonious, and not tasteless.

Combined ceilings in various rooms

For a combined stretch ceiling in the bedroom, most often, soft, similar in color shades are used, since this room requires a calm environment for rest and sleep. Such a monochrome combination looks quite original, while being stylish and restrained.

Combined stretch ceilings in the hall can be brighter and more spectacular, have lighting consisting of spotlights and LEDs. Using various contrasting colors, such ceilings can be used for zoning space, emphasizing the unique design of the room.

A properly designed combined stretch ceiling in the kitchen, combining various textures and shapes, can visually expand the space, making a small kitchen room unique.

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