9 plants that repel mosquitoes


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one Lavender

Lavender is famous for its calming and stress-relieving scent. However, insects do not like it, as the plant contains camphor. For planting against mosquitoes, it is best to use the lavandin variety, it has a higher concentration of repellents. Place the plant in a sunny area. You can also plant lavender at home in a pot or just regularly collect bouquets in the country and put a vase — dry plants also repel pests.


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2 Mint

Mint is a great addition to dishes. It is put in tea or cooling lemonades are made on the basis of the plant. However, grass is also used to repel insects. It works well not only fresh, but also dried. In the garden, mint should be planted in a moist, shady spot.

By the way, if a mosquito bites you, rub the leaf in your hands and anoint the bite with juice. Peppermint essential oil will help relieve itching.


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3 Melissa

Melissa is very similar to mint, differing from it in the accepted lemon aroma. The plant contains the substance citronellol, which can repel mosquitoes. Plant lemon balm in a pot on a windowsill or in a garden bed. Grass can also be eaten: put in lemonade or tea.


four Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a herbaceous plant whose aroma is very disliked by mosquitoes. The plant contains citronella oil, it repels insects. If you decide to plant grass in a pot, then you will have to cut it regularly — lemongrass grows very quickly. The same applies to the plot in the country: the plant can reach 1.5 meters in height.

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5 Pyrethrum

Feverfew is a good remedy for insect control. Repellents are often made on its basis, since the flowers of the plant contain pyrethrins, which can paralyze mosquitoes. They also dislike the pungent smell of the leaves. You can plant a plant both in the garden and at home in a pot. It is best to place it in a sunny spot and water it regularly — feverfew loves a moist environment.


6 Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum, like pyrethrum, contains pyrethrins, so it actively repels mosquitoes. The substance is also effective against other pests: bedbugs, ants and ticks. You can grow a flower both in the garden and at home. When planting in the garden, choose a sunny spot.


7 Lemon catnip (catnip)

Midges and mosquitoes do not like the smell of catnip. Therefore, it can be planted in the garden: just sow the seeds in the garden in autumn or spring. Kotovnik is an unpretentious and frost-resistant plant, so it will quickly sprout. If you have cats, then be careful: she «intoxicates» them, like valerian.


eight Basil

This herbaceous plant repels mosquitoes and flies well. It will protect you both at home and in the country: you can plant basil seeds both in the garden and in an ordinary pot. It is also used as a seasoning: fresh leaves are added to salads, and dried leaves are added to meat and pasta.

From the plant, you can make a natural mosquito repellent: pour the collected leaves with boiling water, cover with a lid and let it brew for a couple of hours. Then add alcohol to the solution, it should be half as much as boiling water. Let the mixture cool and then pour into a spray bottle. The product can be sprayed both on yourself and in the air outside.


9 Geranium

Geranium is a plant that is often grown at home. Its bright smell also repels flies and mosquitoes. Therefore, placing a flower is on a balcony or windowsill near an open window.

You can also plant geraniums in the garden next to the gazebo or barbecue area. It is easy to care for it, and a large number of shades and varieties diversify the landscape of the dacha.



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