6 ingenious tricks for packing during a move so you can move everything in one go

one Use vacuum bags

Stock up on a large number of vacuum bags — they will help to transport textiles, pillows, blankets and children’s soft toys. What would fit in only a few large bags and bags and would fill a passenger car as a whole, in vacuum bags will take 3-4 times less space.


Get several large and tight bags with a reliable valve at once. Through this valve, you will need to pump out air with a vacuum cleaner. Also keep in mind that the vacuum bag should not be stuffed too much with things, it has a special limit line that you should not go beyond, otherwise it will simply open up and let in air.

The only drawbacks of this method are that the fabric is very wrinkled, and for damaged items, for example, old toys or down jackets, the seams can open and the filler can climb. It is also impossible to pack fur products in a similar way.

2 Wrap fragile items in clothing


To reduce the number of boxes and avoid buying packaging film, you can wrap fragile items, such as dishes, in soft home clothes and put them together. Wrap these items in several layers of fabric and tie with rubber bands. Next, carefully but tightly place the resulting rolls in a box and do not forget to sign on it that there is a fragile load inside.

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3 Stack items vertically in boxes

It is better to put any items, if possible, in boxes, placing them vertically on the edge. So they will be packed more tightly, occupy the entire volume. In addition, when unpacking, you will immediately see everything that is in the box, and it will take significantly less time to disassemble it.

four Do not use excess packaging


It is not necessary to put everything in the boxes. There are a lot of things in your house that will not be damaged when transported in a car. A good example is books. Firstly, a large box with them will be too heavy and may break, it will be inconvenient to carry, and it will take up a lot of space. It is better to stack books in piles and tie them with twine. In this form, they can be folded into the back seat of the car, in the trunk, placed between boxes and bags. Carrying and disassembling them will also be easier: you just have to cut the string, put a stack on a shelf, or come up with a more interesting storage option.

5 Opt for soft packaging


If your task is to transport things in a passenger car, it will be much easier and more efficient to fill it with items in textile bags and clean garbage bags than in boxes. Save the latter for something valuable that can get scratched or broken, such as household appliances.

6 Use charts to fold clothes


There are a lot of different schemes on the Internet that help to store any clothes as compactly as possible. For example, when folding a shirt, fold the sleeves behind the back and then fold it in half — this is the method used in most clothing stores, since the stack in this case is thin and neat.

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