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Under the wall tiles is meant a facing covering for decorating the walls of premises for various purposes. And if not so long ago, tiles were used mainly in bathrooms, but today they have gone beyond them due to the emergence of a wide variety of types and designs.

Decorative wall tiles

Since the material has great durability, it is worth choosing it with great responsibility, because a repair once made will accompany you for more than one year. And when choosing a tile, you need to take into account the functional purpose of the room where you are going to lay it.

So, wall tiles for bathrooms, toilets, showers, saunas and pools should have increased moisture-resistant characteristics. Therefore, you need to choose products that belong to the first class with a percentage of hydrophobicity of less than 3%.

When choosing wall tiles for the kitchen, you need to pay more attention to the color scheme of the interior and match the chosen style. The most neutral and versatile white wall tile. At the same time, it is possible to tile not only the apron area, but also other walls of the room. According to the texture, it is preferable to choose a smooth tile so that there are no problems with washing it in conditions of an increased risk of contamination.

On the terrace, loggia or in the hallway, wall tiles under brick, wood or stone will look best. And it is desirable that the tile be made of porcelain stoneware, since such a material has increased characteristics of wear resistance and moisture resistance. And, importantly, porcelain tiles do not absorb dirt. In the hallway, you can tile the wall up to half, continuing the cladding with a decorative border and other finishing material. On a loggia, balcony or terrace, you can overlay the entire height of the walls.

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