Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen 0

When choosing a wall covering for the kitchen, our housewives consider a variety of options. Ceramic tiles, of course, have practically no competitors in terms of durability and durability, but often they look very cold in the interior. Therefore, it is not surprising that wallpapers are still among the leaders in popularity, as the most beautiful and practical way of interior decoration of the walls of a given room. With the advent of the vinyl sheet, most of the troubles that arose when pasting the surface with old paper materials disappeared. At the same time, the wallpaper design has improved a lot, and there are no difficulties at all with the choice of color or texture.

What are the benefits of washable vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen?

The main advantage of this type of wallpaper is the presence of a durable and resistant to the sun, moisture, mechanical damage and fungus vinyl film that protects the decorative outer layer. It is advisable to carefully consider the characteristics on the labels when choosing a material. For branded products, the vinyl layer is noticeably thicker, so the durability of such a coating is about ten years or more. Western companies also began to cope with airtightness by equipping their vinyl wallpapers for the kitchen with micropores, so there are no problems with condensation when pasting walls with an elite canvas.

Varieties of vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

It is best to deal with sustainable and practical «kitchen» vinyl, this is what is now called the strongest washable wallpaper, which has an incredibly high-quality dirt-repellent and moisture-resistant coating. According to the characteristics, this material is so good that it is used instead of ceramics in the apron area and even in bathrooms. If you want to purchase wallpapers that can best imitate stone, wood, leather, various types of decorative plaster or tile, then buy a textured compact vinyl. Such a resistant coating withstands even cleaning with a brush.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen does not shrink when pasted over and perfectly hides various irregularities, when you have similar problems with the walls, it is undesirable to purchase cheaper paper-based material. The silkscreen looks great, the deep embossing is great on the eye, but we would advise you to glue it only in the dining room. Near the hob and sink, it is advisable to use more durable wall covering models.

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