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The tile for the pool is an irreplaceable element of its design. It is resistant to UV exposure, mechanical shock, water pressure and chemicals. Thanks to the variety of finishes, you can create unique surfaces, decorated with ornaments and patterns. Different shapes of tiles make it possible to turn a reservoir into a real art object that will attract attention and give aesthetic pleasure during operation.

Features of pool tiles

Non-slip tiles are used to cover the areas around the pool, bottom and descent into the water. The coating has three levels of marking depending on the areas in which it is used — from changing rooms, where water ingress is negligible, to pool steps, which are considered the wettest place.

The anti-slip pool tile features fine-grained texture, so that a person with wet bare feet will not lose balance and be injured. Such lining is used along the perimeter of the reservoir, on all inclined sections, steps.

Types of tiles for the pool

Of all the types of ceramics for swimming pools, clinker tiles are the most suitable. It practically does not absorb water and meets all hygiene and safety standards. Such material has positive characteristics due to the special process of its manufacture. During production, clay is pressed, then fired at ultra-high temperatures. As a result, it can withstand multi-ton loads, has a non-slip surface and is protected from moisture. Clinker material can be glazed or unglazed.

Mosaic tiles are ideal for decorating pool surfaces. These are small squares of various colors and shades. To create drawings, variations of dark and light tones are used. To get the effect of highlights of light, translucent options are used. Mosaic coating is made on a mesh basis, due to this, you can immediately lay a whole area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe surface. Tiles are easy to lay and cut, if necessary, use as separate elements. Mosaic sheets are convenient to use when decorating a surface of any curved shape.

To decorate the pool bowl, you can use a plain mosaic or buy a mix of different colors.

Mosaic can have a glazed surface or with patterns — stains, inclusions, cracks and other effects. Mosaic tiles for the pool can be ceramic or glass. Glass with its transparency gives the bowl depth and volume. It is shock and water resistant material. Using glass mosaics, you can lay out geometric patterns or create complex artistic compositions.

The color of the pool bowl determines the shade of the water. Therefore, tiles for its design are most often selected in blue, blue. The tile collections often use friezes and panels of marine, water themes in the form of dolphins, jellyfish, turtles. The smaller the typesetting elements, the greater the accuracy of the drawing can be achieved.

Mosaic elements can be either square or round, irregular.

Antibacterial grout is used to prevent mold growth at the seams between the tiles.

Modern tile for the pool allows you to decorate the bowl of any shape and in the desired style. A reliable coating will allow you to comfortably use the room for a long time, and a beautiful design will create a lot of pleasant sensations while swimming.

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