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Many designers use rather unusual materials when decorating rooms. So, for example, traditional floor laminate is used for wall decor. Such a creative solution can make the room stylish and extraordinary. Simple and quick installation of laminate on the wall, combined with an attractive appearance, make this design more and more in demand. Some manufacturers have started to produce laminate for vertical installation, however, ordinary flooring can be used for walls. Installing laminate on the walls has some features. It is attached in three ways: with glue, with a wedge and tongue and groove connection. Adhesive laminate should be mounted on exceptionally flat walls. Bladed and tongue-and-groove laminate is mounted on a pre-made wooden crate.

Laminate on the wall in the interior

A variety of textures and a rich palette allow you to use laminate flooring in the interior of any room. A good design technique is to laminate one of the walls in the living room or part of it. For example, it can be a wall near the TV or a column with a built-in aquarium. And the shelves with different figures or the original lighting of this zone will add romance and style to the interior. The laminate is mounted on the wall in the living room both vertically and horizontally. You can also find a diagonal arrangement of lamellas on the wall.

In the bedroom, laminate is most often mounted on the wall at the head of the bed. In this case, the panels will look best, the color of which is chosen in accordance with the shade of the furniture in the room. This technique combines disparate elements in the room and creates the impression of a headset. Such a wall above the bed can be decorated with shelves with various accessories.

On the walls in the hallway, the laminate has also found its application. And most often such material in this room is used for contrast. For example, light-colored laminate walls will well set off a floor made of the same, but dark material. However, you should not laminate all the walls in the hallway. It is quite enough to decorate only the wall near which the furniture stands. At the same time, it must be remembered that the vertical laying of laminate panels will visually increase the height of the ceiling, and the horizontal one will reduce it accordingly. Therefore, it is better to lay the laminate horizontally on the walls in spacious rooms, and vertically in low and small ones.

In the kitchen, laminate is most often used for wall decoration in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen unit. At the same time, the shade of the laminate must certainly be in harmony with the color of the facades of the furniture in the kitchen. An apron decorated with laminate will have the same performance properties as, for example, ceramic tiles. At the same time, laminate lamellas are easier to install, and this material is cheaper. Laminate apron care is easy.

If you decide to use laminate on the wall in the bathroom or in the toilet, then it is better to use waterproof material for these rooms. A bathroom with white laminate on one of the walls will look good.

When decorating a wall on a balcony or loggia, instead of a bored lining, you can use a laminate. This material is able to create an additional thermal insulation layer. The main thing is to install high-quality waterproofing of the walls, since usually the laminate is afraid of moisture. Although you can use moisture-proof material in this room.

An excellent solution would be to use laminate on the walls and even on the ceiling in attic rooms. And in country houses, laminate with its woody structure will further emphasize unity with nature and create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth here.


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