How to choose the right hangers for clothes and what things to store on them?

Small accessories like hangers and coat hangers are considered by many to be unimportant. But in fact, the condition and even the durability of clothing depends on properly selected coat hangers. Experts from the Leroy Merlin Repair School tell you how to choose the perfect coat hanger for every type of clothing.

one For outerwear

Pay attention — the length is called the «span» of the shoulders, and the width is their thickness in girth.

For outerwear, jackets and coats, wide coat hangers are best suited. This is important so that the jacket or coat does not deform: if the hanger is narrow, there is such a risk. Wide shoulders should resemble the shoulders of a person — then they will retain the shape of the shoulder area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe clothing so that it does not bulge.

The same applies to the length — the more the hanger will be similar in size to the shoulders of the owner of the thing, the better the clothes will retain their shape. If the hanger is short, the shoulder area will hang down and deform, if it is too long, the hanger will cut into clothes. You can measure the proportions of a person in order to approach the choice more thoroughly.

On websites and in stores, as a rule, the sizes of hangers are indicated (they can be in inches, then you need to convert the values ​​\u200b\u200bto centimeters).

Wide hangers take up quite a lot of space, and in a compact closet this can be a problem. It is not rational to take them in more than you need for outerwear, jackets and suits.

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2 For shirts

Tips for shirt hangers are largely the same as those for outerwear. The difference is that you can use narrow hangers for shirts, and if you need to save space, you can even hang several shirts on one hanger. But it is worth considering that the color of the shirts should be similar — light with light, dark with dark.


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3 For trousers

For trousers, hangers are used both with clothespins and with crossbars. There are also hangers for suits, where coat hangers are complemented by a crossbar for trousers. In this case, pay attention to the thickness and processing of the crossbar: trousers can simply slip off from a smooth one, and a ribbed or corrugated surface can leave marks on clothes. The best option is an anti-slip velvety coating: there will be no marks, and the trousers will hold securely.

When choosing a hanger with a clothespin, keep in mind that it can leave marks on the fabric. Hangers with crossbars do not deform the fabric and also help save height space in the closet — if the hanger is with a clothespin, you need to fasten the trousers by the legs, for this you need a more spacious wardrobe. By the way, if there is not enough space in the closet, take a closer look at the so-called multi-hangers, which have several crossbars. On one such hanger, you can store 3-4 pairs of trousers or scarves, which is indispensable in conditions of limited space.

When choosing a trouser hanger, you do not have to think about the size — the vast majority of models are universal and come in a single size.

What else to keep on hangers?

Both plastic and wooden hangers have special hooks at the top for storing skirts, dresses and tank tops, as well as dresses and blouses with a wide neck or neckline. In such products, special thin straps are sewn from the inside, which cling to the hooks on the shoulders. Such models of hangers can also have several crossbars (each with separate hooks), they store several identical items of clothing.

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What about materials?

By default, many consider wooden hangers to be optimal: noble material, pleasant weight, natural look. But plastic alternatives do the job just as well, and sometimes better. If you buy low-quality wooden hangers, they can stain clothes, and in the worst cases, dry out and puff on a new jacket. Such risks are most susceptible to coat hangers made of cedar.

Birch, maple, ash have proven themselves as durable and reliable material for clothes hangers. When choosing, touch the tree, check how smooth it is — it should not have bumps and, moreover, poorly processed areas.

Do not use wire hangers for light fabrics — traces of rust may appear on them over time. It is also better to dry wet shirts on plastic hangers, and not on wooden ones — again, so that there are no traces.

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