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There are always special requirements for flooring. It should be non-slippery, resistant to water, not subject to mechanical damage and complement the design of the room.

Floor tiles — out of competition

Ceramic floor tiles occupies a leading position in the design of the bathroom, corridor, for the kitchen — in rooms with high humidity or traffic. In the enamel layer of the tile there is a pattern that gives it strength and provides variability in design and color.

In the interior of the room, ceramics goes well with any style and wall decoration materials, has a huge range of textures and colors. For example, floor tiles can be made to look like wood, stone, marble, textiles, leather, metal. From tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom, you can lay out strict geometric ornaments, themed panels, use material with drawings in the collection.

Wooden floor tiles with imitation wood are now considered a fashionable option. This is a universal model for all styles. A popular way of laying it is a run-up in the form of parquet. But there are other interesting forms — in the form of a leaf, a rhombus, a crescent with a circle.

Light glossy floor tiles can saturate the room with brightness and make it visually larger. It will look beautiful with a floral ornament. And the most practical tile color is gray, beige and brown. They do not show scratches or dirt.

By combining tiles with other materials, you can divide the room into zones, lay out a podium and use LED lighting in it.

It is fashionable to combine plain floor tiles with glass inserts with a water world built into them, autumn foliage, shells or large printed flowers.

Floor tiles in the interior

It is easy to pick up a tile for any room. Modern materials offer a large selection of textures for interior and exterior decoration.

Tiles for a balcony on the floor must be purchased rough, matte. Even if the loggia is glazed, temperature changes will affect the coating, and the increased humidity in such a room will be noticeable.

Rubber tile is becoming a popular option for garage flooring. It is available in a wide range of colors, which makes it possible to create a unique design. Rubber tiles are characterized by high sound absorption and cushioning properties, they are mold resistant and easy to clean. In the garage, such a surface will create additional thermal insulation. The roughness of the rubber provides a non-slip surface even when wet, so rubber tile is a great option for car flooring.

Metal floor tiles are a new trend. Such a surface is considered the highest quality and durable, since most damage cannot harm it, it can withstand extreme loads. Such material is most often used in garages, warehouses and industrial premises; it can also be used in a high-tech style bathroom.

The shades of metal tiles are attractive — copper, bronze, brass, silver. The unique brilliance of the metal goes well with other types of ceramics, in this way you can create interesting design solutions.

Floor tiles have many advantages. It lasts a long time and transforms the room. By harmoniously choosing the shape, texture, method of laying and coloring of the material, you can decorate any design or make a bright and original accent on the floor in the interior.

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