Ash laminate

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There are many different types of laminate on the market today. Each of them stands out for its qualities and appearance. A popular finish is ash-colored laminate. As a rule, this is a light type of material, it fully copies the wood texture. Ash is considered one of the most beautiful and high-quality wood species. Its wood is presented in nature in a wide range of shades: from brown to light pink.

The brightly defined annual rings of ash, combined with the fibrous texture and soft tones, turn the flooring from it into an interior decoration.

Ash laminate — naturalness and practicality

Shades of ash laminate are light, greyish, pearly, bleached, pale yellow or brown. Light ash will bring freshness, lightness to the room, visually increase the space. Provence style, classic, minimalism successfully apply this type of flooring.

Dark ash laminate has shades of chocolate color, is less common than light. With it you can create contrasting interiors. The most successful version of its application is the creation of a classic style.

Ash laminate will harmoniously look in the interior of a classic, hi-tech, loft. Against its background, furniture of all shades looks favorably. It adds brightness, light and modern touches to the room. Ash looks great in living rooms, bedrooms or nurseries, creating an atmosphere of home comfort.

Ash-effect flooring is an indicator of great style. It fits almost any environment, captivates with its naturalness and beauty. A wide range of colors allows you to place accents in the design of the room, such a laminate allows you to create a noble style at an affordable price.

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