9 ways to bring color to the interior

one Unique pattern on the walls

The accent wall is the first thing that grabs the attention of those who enter the room. Using paint, you can create a unique pattern that is not found on the wallpaper. For example, put together three or four trendy “blocks of color” or prefer an equally popular gradient coloring.

2 Bright accessories

Bright home accessories are coloristic accents, the dosage of which is easy to vary. The main thing is not to overdo it, because even a small splash of color can enliven a living space.

3 Funny pictures

You can add paint to the interior without using a brush and roller. For example, order a print of the plot on wallpaper made of vinyl film or paper, or on a canvas with a thin layer of elastic plaster.

four Art gallery

A bright painting canvas is like an expressive stroke in a monochrome interior. An important point: the picture must be properly lit — then it will sparkle with colors.

5 Variegated ceramic tiles

Color can highlight not only vertical, but also horizontal surfaces. One solution is to paint your kitchen or bathroom floor with colorful ceramic tiles.

6 colorful carpets

Colorful carpets, reminiscent of the works of famous artists, will help to make the home visually rich. Such products are best put on public display, for example, in the living room area.

Bright medium-sized carpets do an excellent job of zoning space. and modest-sized «islands» can become a place to sit

7 colorful furniture

Furniture items painted in active, toning colors can become a real interior “antidepressant”. They will look especially advantageous in contrast with a calm background: white, light gray or beige.

Thanks to juicy objects, the interior seems less serious, a little hooligan, attracting attention.

eight Bright accents

Quite a bold decorating technique: highlight with color those elements of the interior that are usually invisible, neutral. For example, trim or door leaf, window frames, radiators, cornices, moldings, skirting boards.

9 ways to bring color to the interior

Photo: IKEA

9 rainbow matter

Textiles — pillow covers, curtains and bedding — will help bring color into the interior. The fabric does not have to be monotonous — patterns and geometric patterns are acceptable.

  • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#212

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