6 necessary products from AliExpress for fans of cleanliness and simple cleaning

one Upright vacuum cleaner

It is not difficult today to get rid of a bulky vacuum cleaner, which can sometimes hit your legs in motion. The choice of vertical cordless vacuum cleaners is huge. We paid attention to this model of Dreame brand. With one vacuum cleaner with different attachments, you can clean corners — both on the floor and on the ceiling, floors, carpets, upholstery and mattresses, and there is also a nozzle with a flexible tube, with which you can crawl under a bed, sofa or cabinet in the kitchen. The device weighs only 1.5 kilograms, that is, it will not be difficult to manage it. In standard mode, the vacuum cleaner can work for an hour, and in the so-called efficient mode — about half an hour. It is also equipped with a charging station and a module for storing all accessories in one place. All in all, a perfectionist’s dream!

16 045


2 Robot vacuum cleaner

For connoisseurs of time and ease of cleaning, a robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best assistants. You can turn it on and forget it, he will do everything himself. We have chosen a model of the Xiaomi brand, which is well known to the Russian consumer. This vacuum cleaner is smart. He builds a cleaning map, if he is discharged in the process, he returns to the recharging station, and then goes to continue cleaning from the place where he stopped — at least the description promises so. With the help of the application, you can control the vacuum cleaner and build a cleaning schedule, thanks to the built-in sensors, the vacuum cleaner will not fall down the stairs and will not enter the glass partition. You can buy only a vacuum cleaner or a set with interchangeable accessories. We have quoted the price of the complete set.

17 851


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3 Window cleaning robot

A cool thing for those who live on the upper floors, just do not like to wash windows — and in general for fans of the frequency who want to make their life easier. This washer, for example, is suitable not only for windows, but also for tiles, glass partitions. Due to the shape, it does not wash the corners. It is easy to use — spray the product on the surface, put nozzles on the washer (you can moisten them instead of spraying), connect to the power supply, fasten the safety cord — this is a necessary thing in case you release the washer to wash windows from the outside — so he does not fall into the street, run. Nozzles will have to be changed as they get dirty. The manufacturer puts in the kit and nozzles, and a safety cord, and a power cord, and even an extension cord, as well as a control panel.

6 579


four Portable vacuum cleaner

Sometimes just such a device is not enough — if the house has a wired vacuum cleaner, and it suits everyone, but it is necessary to quickly remove local debris, clean the upholstery of the sofa or vacuum the corners. And you can also use it in the car (or even carry it with you all the time). A bonus is the stylish design. This one can be put on a shelf.

6 112


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5 Steam cleaner

Steam is convenient to clean the seams between tiles, hard-to-reach cracks, for example, on radiators. Craftsmen adapt the steam generator to clean windows or glass railings of showers, air conditioners, even toilets. The thing is quite useful and can wash surfaces without household chemicals, although, of course, a lot depends on the degree of contamination. This model is quite compact. The kit comes with nozzles, a storage case and a scraper.

5 775


6 A mop that quickly wets and cleans

This mop comes with a bucket, and the peculiarity is that you can wet the nozzle and squeeze it out without hands. For this, a bucket with two holes was made. In the first one there is water and a special ribbed module that helps to remove dirt, the second hole is for squeezing. It will appeal to those who still prefer to wash the floors themselves, without the help of technology, but also do not want to constantly wring out a rag with their hands, and then put it on a mop. The price is for the whole set and additional nozzles.



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