Pink color in the interior: 10 delicate and bright combinations, as well as useful tips

What shades are best to use?

We have collected the top 7 most successful combinations of pink with other colors in this video:

And now let’s talk about other options.

1. Powdery pink

This shade of pink became a real hit last year and is not losing ground today. Pond pink or a shade of dusty rose, as it is also called, can be used in wall decoration, and in furniture, and in accessories. But, of course, you should not do everything at once. Monochrome dusty pink is still not the best option.

2. Rose gold

A popular color that made itself known along with the fashion for copper and brass. Pink «gold» is used in the interior accentuated — in lighting, furniture fittings, plumbing.

3. Bright crimson or fuchsia

For bold ideas, bright colors are also suitable. Professionals use them in accents: accessories or furniture. For example, they put a bright crimson sofa or armchair or complement the interior with decorative pillows.

What combinations are the most successful?

1. Pink with gray

These two colors are practically made for each other — they work especially well together when the tones do not contrast too much: light gray is successfully combined with dusty pink or rose gold. Favorable interior design — light gray walls and pink accents. This is a good combination for bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens.

2. Pink with white

White is the base color. And almost any shade will be successfully combined with the base, and pink is no exception. With white, you can use any shade of pink: from crimson to very delicate.

3. Pink with beige

Beige is another basic shade, so you can safely combine pink with it. This mix will look good in living rooms: bedroom or living room, when you want to create a relaxed interior. And if you want bright details, just use the appropriate shade of pink.

4. Pink with lilac

This combination is reminiscent of a romantic style and Provence. Lilac alone can create such a mood, and in combination with the typical «color of love and romance» — pink, even more so. If you take the color closer to purple, the atmosphere will be more mysterious. Nice combination of colors for decorating a bedroom.

5. Pink with yellow

This combination can often be seen in the design of children’s rooms. Yellow color — a symbol of cheerfulness, is perfectly «softened» by soft pink shades.

6. Pink with green

Green adds freshness and uplifts the mood in this «pair». Most often, this combination can be seen in the interiors of living rooms or kitchens.

7. Pink with brown

Brown in such mixes means the color of natural wood. It looks good with almost any color, including pink. It is better to choose a shade of dusty rose.

What do you need to be careful with?

1. Pink with blue

These are recognized «antipodes», so you need to be extremely careful with their combination. An exception is the design of a children’s room for children of different sexes. Only there it is really justified and looks good.

2. Pink with black

A bold mix, but not everyone can make interiors in such colors not vulgar. You can and should add wood and white tones.

Pink with black photo

Photo: Instagram scandi_with_love

3. Pink with orange

This combination is common in oriental style and, perhaps, is justified only in this case. Today, oriental accents are very relevant, but it is important not to overdo it — add them in doses in textiles and patterns. For example, the option in the photo is rather an anti-standard.

Pink with orange photo

Photo: Instagram formulakomforta40

What things can be added in pink to an already finished interior?

If you want to add trendy pink to an already finished apartment interior, do it as accents. For example, new textiles in a bright bedroom can be chosen in dusty pink. And in the living room — buy decorative pillows with a pattern in this color.

It is not difficult to find lamps or coffee tables in rose gold color.

A few more facts about pink in the interior

If you are afraid that you will get bored with it, use it in walk-through rooms or a bathroom. You do not spend time there all the time, so there will be no fatigue from the color.

Modern design is moving away from gender stereotypes, so forget the “pink = feminine” connection. This is a versatile, fashionable and very beautiful shade.

Cool combinations and examples you will also find in this video:

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