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Parquet is an elegant flooring that has all the advantages of a wooden floor. Making repairs in an apartment or house, you can buy a parquet board made of solid wood. However, many prefer piece parquet. Its difference lies in the size of the lamellas, which are smaller compared to a massive board.

The parquet board is made from traditional maple and ash wood, as well as exotic rosewood and merbau. But the most popular material is the parquet board oak natures.

Strip parquet oak nature

Natural oak parquet is a type of flooring in which the directions of the oak wood fibers can be very different. In such a parquet, the presence of wood eyes up to 2 mm is possible, which visually emphasizes the naturalness of the material, and it has very rich colors. Natural oak parquet is distinguished by possible color differences on the lamellas, as well as the presence of natural sapwood — lighter layers of wood.

Such parquet is very durable. It can be laid in a variety of ways, from a simple herringbone or square to highly artistic styling. This material is mechanically strong and environmentally friendly. There is no slip in it, but there is good heat and sound insulation.

The parquet board oak nature is used both in spacious rooms and in small rooms. Its coloring is suitable for the bedroom, living room, nursery and even the kitchen. In addition to residential premises, piece parquet oak natures can be found in offices and even in stores.

Due to the special structure of the lamellas, this coating can be used on warm floors. And the warm shades of natural oak parquet will create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in any room.

With the help of various wood processing technologies, floor coverings in natural oak color or lacquered flooring are created, in which the beautiful structure of the wood is especially visible.


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