How to add color to the interior: 11 affordable ideas

If the interior is made in neutral colors and bored with monotony, add color to it. There are several ways to freshen up a calm environment at no extra cost.

one Furniture

Give one piece of cabinet furniture a new life, paint it in an unusual color, or add a pattern in a contrasting shade to the facades. If you don’t want to paint, don’t give up an armchair, pouffe or sofa, choose a rich or bright shade for them. The room will liven up and become noticeably more interesting. An accent piece of furniture will not break a neutral setting, but will make it more dynamic.

2 Accessories

You can add color with small decorative items or additions to the existing decoration in the room.

Paint or reframe photographs, add colored fringe to a throw, curtain or lampshade, replace neutral handles on a chest of drawers with bright colored ones, arrange books on a shelving unit by color, replace pots with houseplants, arrange decorative colored candles of different diameters and heights.

Furniture handles

Furniture handles



3 Textile

Fabric is the fastest way to bring color into the interior. Add or replace decorative pillows, a throw, throw, curtains, or throw a bright carpet along a long corridor. Swap bedding for bright, solid colors or colorful ones. It will not disturb the harmony of a neutral interior, hiding under a bedspread, but it will delight you with colors in the evening and morning.

If you’re using a shower curtain, replace it with a brightly patterned version or a solid color in a rich tone. Or change towels. This will add dynamics to a calm bathroom without disturbing the neutral setting.





four Tableware

Use bright dishes for daily use, please yourself and cheer up. Or take out the sets that you save for guests and use for yourself. Ceramic tableware with a bright print or pattern will decorate the dining table and charge you with positive energy. Food will seem tastier, and eating more pleasant, which means it will have a good effect on health.

Colored glass is in fashion, get bright glasses for all family members, do not limit yourself to one shade.

bright plates

bright plates



5 Stationery for home office

Many specialists work at home or have a workplace in one of the rooms. Make it productive. Add bright stationery: colored folders, ballpoint pens, paper trays in different colors. Or put a positive and saturated color mouse pad. These little things will not bring imbalance to the overall environment, but will add emotions at work. Productivity and energy will increase.

6 decorative groups

The house probably has decor that is placed in different rooms and does not work individually. Connect similar pieces of furniture together, using color and similar shades as a unifying factor, and put the group in a prominent place, the decorative collection will become a place of attraction for the eyes.

7 Collection

The house is developing and updating, start collecting and gradually supplement it with new samples.

eight Cabinet interiors

If you don’t want to disturb the calmness of a neutral interior, but want to add brightness, paint the inside of the drawers or the back wall of the wardrobe from the inside in an unusual rich shade. The atmosphere of the interior will not be disturbed, and the effect of novelty and an invigorating splash of color will be hidden and delight you.

9 one wall

One wall, niche or wall in a room can take the space out of boredom. Paint it in a solid, unusual shade that will go well with textiles or room decor. This wall can be updated every year or season according to your mood.

ten Flowers

A bouquet of bright flowers will become an active spot of a calm interior. Treat yourself to a flower shop.

Or purchase a high-quality artificial analogue of a decorative bouquet for the interior, which is made of silicone. Such flowers are visually and tactilely similar to real ones, but do not require constant change or care.

artificial bouquet

artificial bouquet



eleven wall gallery

Choose a colorful panel or paintings in a theme that matches the style of the interior. Or give preference to trendy abstract paintings that will fit into any design. They will give new emotions that will arise when making associations and conjecturing lines and spots.

Color is energizing and uplifting, use it in small doses to spice up a neutral setting.





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