Gray tiles

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Properly using gray tiles, you can create a stylish interior in any room. This color is neutral, it combines well with other shades, it is an excellent background for expressive decoration of the room. It needs to be diluted with accents to create a unique design.

Gray tiles in the interior

The use cases on the floor and walls of this tile prove its sophistication and restraint. The gray tile in the bathroom looks concise, strict and spectacular, the matte texture should be used on the floor, such a tile is perfectly combined with white plumbing, mirrors, glass. A gray bathroom with competent lighting and reflective surfaces looks very impressive. This tile goes well with individual sections of the wall, painted in light blue.

In the kitchen, gray tiles can be used for an apron, it is typical to use the “brick-like” option or decorative tiles with stylish patterns. In the kitchen, the combination of a gray work surface with lettuce or peach walls looks very warm and cozy.

Gray porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable for finishing the floor. It can imitate metal or rough stone and will go well with an industrial loft style or strict minimalism. Furniture with chrome elements is perfect for such a floor.

Another type of such material is wood. Tiles under gray parquet with a noble smoky sheen will add solidity and respectability to the design. A product with a similar texture is perfect for an interior with an urban or rustic motif — country, provence, rustic.

Gray tiles with well-chosen furniture and other finishing materials, a combination of matte and glossy textures will emphasize the beauty of the chosen style in the room, give it elegance and sophistication.

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