Decorative plaster under a stone


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With the help of decorative plaster, you can finish the surface under stone, brick, masonry without the use of these materials. The method consists in creating a special coating texture, similar colors and embossing the relief. In this way, you can give the walls a characteristic textured appearance, make them a real work of art.

Features of stone plaster

Decorative plaster with a stone effect is performed with different compositions — concrete, cement, gypsum, lime, clay. They are not afraid of mechanical influences, do not fade and allow the walls to breathe. The technique for creating a textured surface differs in the depth of the drawing.

Smooth plaster can imitate marble, granite, polished stone slab (Venetian method). Such a coating is made by mixing multi-colored compounds, the surface is perfectly smooth, waxed and polished. The wall can be glossy or matte. This type of finish is most often used for interior work.

Stone stucco can be made in the form of masonry. The extrusion of seams is performed by the characteristic furrow method. Such a surface turns out to be flat-relief, well suited for copying brickwork, stone blocks and processed material. The effect of masonry from uneven stones is more embossed.

Decorative plaster for textured stone is often used in the exterior of the basement, facade of the house, fences, columns. The basis for the coating can be any surface — brick, concrete, polystyrene foam, chipboard and more.

Plaster with a textured surface imitates stone — limestone, sandstone. The drawing can be small and significantly convex, the surface of the wall is rough, similar to rocky.

Decorative plaster with imitation of natural stone is used in the interior of the kitchen, living room, helps to create an atmosphere of special comfort. Such a surface can decorate the working surface of the kitchen, the fireplace area, columns, arches, doorways, individual sections of the walls. Such a finish will decorate the room and hide all the irregularities.

Decorative stone plaster is a practical way to decorate surfaces. It creates a feeling of strength and reliability of the walls and gives them a unique look, provides a durable and reliable coating.


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