Decorative plaster for interior wall decoration

decorative plaster for interior walls 0

Decorative plaster has long been used for interior wall decoration. It hides their shortcomings and defects, improves the microclimate of the finished room.

Types of decorative plaster for interior wall decoration

Cement, liquid glass, silicone or acrylic resin can act as the main substance of the plaster.

In terms of decorative qualities, plaster mixtures may differ in texture and shades. To form relief patterns, various stamps, applicators, structural rollers and toothed trowels are used. Even a plastic bag crumpled into a ball can create a surface that resembles a lunar relief.

The structural mixture contains inclusions of rather large granules. When applied to the wall with grout, it leaves a characteristic relief mark. The most popular type of such a surface is the bark beetle, which resembles bug-eaten wood.

Textured plaster can display on the plane the likeness of natural stone, marble, granite, wood, silky fabric, velvet, natural leather.

The flock structure creates reflections of light and shadow on the wall, like a silk cloth, has a highly artistic effect. First, the wall is covered with an adhesive base, then flocks (colored flakes) are applied to it, and a varnish coating is applied on top.

A mixture using marble and or granite chips, quartz particles has a shimmering effect, the appearance depends on the size of the additives used. Larger particles give volume and a clear pattern, while small particles give roughness.

Venetian plaster is a favorite for decorative finishes, it has two colors — primary and secondary. Outwardly, the coating resembles luxurious marble, translucent onyx, wax creates depth for it, the illusion of a satin sheen, it seems to glow from the inside.

Decorative plaster in the interior

In the interior of the house, decorative plaster makes it possible to create an original effect and give the surface sophistication and unusualness, the required volume and relief. It is especially well suited for interiors in the style of Provence, Chateau, Art Deco. Blends reminiscent of silk and velvet are perfect for them, and for the French style, beautiful large flowers, leaves, butterflies can be recreated on the wall. There are certain types of plaster that can imitate mother-of-pearl surfaces.

Venetian plaster is often used in classic interiors, because it resembles expensive stone and allows you to create a luxurious look in the hall, bathroom, any spacious room.

Decorative plaster is used for interior wall decoration in the kitchen, corridor, living room, bathroom, hall. With its help, you can bring to life a lot of design ideas — to create the appearance of antiquity, an interior in ethnic style.

With the help of plaster, you can highlight various parts of the interior. In the interior, it is appropriate to combine plaster with natural stone, with which to harmoniously lay out torn sections on the wall.

To finish the hallway, you can use a mixture with large patches of dark colors. In the bathroom, with the help of plaster, you can imitate any natural materials, in the living room you can create real paintings using urban landscapes, floral themes, and ornaments.

It is worth choosing decorative plaster for interior decoration of the house. It is designed to add sophistication and sophistication to the design of the room. With the help of plaster in the room, you can create a unique surface that will emphasize any stylish interior.

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