Brown color in the interior: combination tips and 60 wow examples

Brown color

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Brown is indispensable in design, because it is the natural color of natural materials — wood, rattan, vines. It has many cool and warm shades, variations of which, in combination with other colors, allow you to create stunning interiors.

  • What colors go with brown in the interior: 10 best options

    Colors in the interior

    What colors go with brown in the interior: 10 best options

Focus on light colors

Combining brown floors and furniture with light walls, designers recommend making light colors dominant. White will add brightness and freshness, and beige — warmth and softness. This approach is relevant for both classic and ultra-modern interiors. The space can turn out to be strict and solid or very homey and cozy.

If you have a small room, then the most important rule is not to overdo it with brown. There is a risk that the house will turn into a lair.

We remember the rule of the golden mean: the smaller the housing square, the lighter the brown should be. The most win-win option to avoid gloom is to choose light walls. This palette visually expands the space and emphasizes the beauty and naturalness of brown.

Add bright spots

Would you like to complement the «chocolate» interior with bright colors? No problem. Feel free to add bright details to the brown floor, furniture and accessories.

Choose and combine colorful textiles, paintings, photographs, vases and any objects that are very dear to your heart. It will be hard not to guess: brown gets along with all colors, and also harmonizes with natural greenery.

Tip: if you do not suffer from allergies, be sure to use indoor flowers in the interior. Give preference to plants with juicy green leaves: ficus, palm trees, dracaena. Large foliage will become a bright accent, and you will get a cozy and cheerful interior for relaxation. If it is not possible to take care of «pets» in pots, pick up paintings or photographs depicting palm trees or ferns.

Use brown on the ceiling and walls

How to use brown color in ceiling decoration? Natural wood to the rescue. Wood or its imitation will add originality to the interior and bring you closer to nature, even if you are on the 25th floor in a noisy metropolis. Wood ceiling can be used anywhere: in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or terrace.

Brown walls can be a suitable backdrop for light-colored furniture, bright paintings and photographs, or an independent accent. If you finish them with wood panels, you can hide the wiring and irregularities. Play with different textures and shades to achieve more comfort.

Emphasize closeness to nature

Decorate outdoor spaces in brown tones: terraces, loggias and balconies. Here is fresh air, sunny heat, cool wind, birdsong or the noise of city cars.

Combinations of brown shades in furniture, textiles, wall and floor decoration will add a sense of harmony, peace and unity with the outside world: whether it’s a balcony on a busy city street or a terrace in a country house. Decorate the space with garlands or lanterns. In the evening or at night it will be romantic.

Love for brown in the interior can be embodied through wicker furniture — armchairs, beds, tables, as well as through wooden decor. It is a mistake to think that such furniture has a place in the country or in a country house. Install a hanging chair on the balcony, use a wicker table and a sofa in the living room, and use a bed in combination with colorful textiles in the bedroom. As a rule, wickerwork is made by hand from natural materials, so choosing the right shade of brown is not difficult.

Use the best combinations of brown with other shades

This color is combined with almost any palette. Why? Let’s remember the basics of painting. Brown includes many shades, completely different combinations are acceptable to obtain it: you can mix blue with orange, yellow with purple, red with green.

Textiles and accessories in blue look interesting, next to which brown acts as the basis and enhances the coldness of blue. Combinations of chocolate and turquoise look advantageous.

Brown and green are harmoniously combined in the natural environment, therefore they form a wonderful tandem in the interior.

The neighborhood of brown and yellow also looks attractive, largely due to nature — the association immediately suggests itself with fallen yellow leaves against the background of dry grass or bare ground. For a soft interior, choose light yellow shades. Accents from other colors will also fit perfectly.

If you combine different shades of orange with brown, you get a wow effect. Orange does not suppress, but creates a contrast. Designers advise adding white color to such a composition, which will emphasize the depth of the main decor.

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The main rules for combining colors in the interior are described in this video.

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