Attic folding ladder

folding attic ladder

Modern arrangement of private houses involves the use of the most compact and mechanized household items to save space. This fully applies to the arrangement of the place of ascent to the attic. And instead of bulky ladders, manufacturers offer various variations of folding models.

Benefits of folding loft ladders

Folding ladders for crawling into the attic are much more convenient than stationary models and ladders, since the former clutter up the space, and the latter are not safe due to low stability.

Folding attic stairs are compact and safe, they save precious centimeters in the room, especially since we don’t often have to go up to the attic to sacrifice space for this.

In addition, such ladders significantly reduce the risk of injury to small children in the house and their penetration into the attic in the absence of adults.

Types of attic folding stairs

All folding attic stairs differ in the material of manufacture for wooden and metal ones and in the way they are unfolded into folding and sliding ones.

Sliding stairs consist of 2 or 3 sections, which are moved apart with the help of guides, their other name is telescopic.

Folding wooden attic stairs consist of 3-4 sections, which are stacked on top of each other, forming a compact structure. The uppermost section of such a ladder is attached to the hatch cover from its upper side and is completely invisible when folded. When the hatch is opened, the ladder is gradually unfolded using a special rod.

Metal folding attic stairs, as a rule, have an accordion-type folding mechanism. They also hide behind the attic hatch and are endowed with a reliable mechanism that prevents spontaneous folding and unfolding of the stairs.

There is also a type of retractable stairs that slide into the attic space. And in this case, the place for them should always be free from various objects.

All types of folding, sliding and retractable attic stairs are produced complete with an insulated hatch. A ladder is attached to its cover, and you just have to fix the hatch in the required place in the ceiling and start using the structure. Depending on the configuration of the stairs with handrails, its height and the number of sections, as well as the material of manufacture, its cost may vary.

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