9 ideas for using a regular zip bag in everyday life (there are more options than you think)


A regular zip bag is suitable for organizing storage on the shelves of the refrigerator and cabinet, as well as for convenient distribution of small things: stationery, cosmetics, and hobbies. We tell you what else you can think of with a zippered bag.

one To plant

Zip bags can compete with pots, trays and cups for picking seedlings. Their convenience is that they are reusable and more economical.

In addition, the package is much...
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In addition, it is much more convenient to get seedlings out of the bag during transplantation: this way you will not touch their root system. In extreme cases, you can simply cut the polyethylene along the seam.

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2 Use as cosmetic

In zip bags, you can collect small containers by category.

It can be a decorative box...
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It can be decorative cosmetics, care products, accessories and hygiene consumables. Such «cosmetic bags» can be folded on a shelf or taken with you on a trip.

3 Store hobby accessories

It is incredibly convenient to sort anything related to your hobby into small zip packages. For example, it can be buttons, stickers, beads and other things.

Smooth rows of dense packages with...
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Even rows of tight zip-lock bags look neat and do not create visual noise. Keeping small things with their help becomes more organized and attractive.

four Organize the office

Pencils, pens and erasers can also be categorized into zip bags.

This is especially convenient if your...
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This is especially convenient if your family has not only schoolchildren, but also younger children who have a lot of colored pencils and felt-tip pens. The bags are also useful for students of art schools: you can sort pencils by softness and brushes by shape and thickness.

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5 store products

Also with the help of bags you can organize storage in the refrigerator. Their advantage over containers and pans is their compactness.

The container does not always succeed...
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It is not always possible to fill the container to the top, because of the massive cans, the space on the shelf is wasted. In the meantime, the bags only take up as much space as is required for the food stored in them.

6 Freeze food

Zip bags can be used as an alternative to regular bags or store-bought freezer bags.

Particularly suitable for freezing

It is especially convenient to freeze food in layers and then put them upright. Such storage takes up very little space in the freezer drawer.

7 Organize storage of toys

Another handy way to use a zip bag to organize your space is to store small toys.

They fit perfectly...
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They ideally fit all kinds of puzzles and mosaics, accessories for creativity, details of the designer. All this can be categorized into baskets, previously packed in zip bags so that the elements do not mix or get confused.

eight Collect snacks

Zip bags with a snack are convenient to take with you. You can put peeled fruits, crackers, and even a sandwich in them.

An alternative way is

An alternative way — special lunch boxes — is less convenient due to massiveness. Under the containers, you will have to empty the entire central compartment of the bag, while the zip bag will easily fit in a small pocket.

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9 Store bulk

Ordinary zip bags or models that are conveniently placed on the base can be used to store spices, cereals or pasta. They will replace banks.

It is also convenient to store them horizontally...
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It is also convenient to store them in a horizontal position: this way the packages take up less space. But in this case, it is necessary that the lock is reliable, and the products do not crumble.


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