40 bright interiors that will make you repaint the walls

Shades of pink in the interior

Oddly enough, the color, which for many years had the glory of deliberately glamorous and “girly”, received a “second life” in interior design a few years ago and became a real trend, still firmly holding on to the top of the most popular.

Depending on the chosen shade, the pink walls in the interior can be close to a neutral solution (if you stop at pastel, desaturated colors).

Or serve as a flashy accent in an ironic space (if you choose a color close to the Barbie style).

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And shades of pink can become a backdrop for a more serious, solid environment, for this you should choose a darker and more muted tone.

Green interiors

Green, perhaps, can be called the most «common» of all bright colors: there is hardly a person who would not like green shades as accents or even the main tone of space design.

The color of greenery is especially relevant now, giving the atmosphere freshness and a certain summer spontaneity.

Also in the top of the popular ones are pastel shades of green, which give the space a touch of sophistication and make the atmosphere more delicate.

And for more classic, solid interiors “out of time”, the emerald shade, as well as darker and “dusty” green options, will be an ideal choice.

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    Colors in the interior

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Interiors in aquamarine

Another fresh, bright shade that is rapidly gaining popularity is the color of the sea wave. A huge plus of this tone is that it goes well with both simple colors and more complex, subtle shades. This means that it will look equally good both in the design of a country house and on the walls of a stylish city apartment.

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Warm yellow in the interior

The color, which many are afraid of, considering it too bright and active, has finally taken its well-deserved place in the trends of modern design. For a long time, in the projects of Russian and foreign specialists, he was assigned the role of only an accent, but more and more often, sunny shades are becoming the main ones in interior design.

The undoubted advantage of warm tones of yellow is the ability to instantly make a dull and dark space more cheerful and positive. This color will be especially appropriate in rooms with insufficient natural light, as well as in northern climates with a small number of sunny days per year.

Please note: shades of yellow, close to mustard, look much more solid. And light, translucent tones are great for creating a more neutral interior.

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Terracotta interiors

Terracotta can become a kind of alternative to yellow. It has similar benefits: it makes the space warmer, more comfortable and habitable.

At the same time, the shade can look both complex and sophisticated (if you complement the interior with appropriate accessories and match other deep colors with terracotta), or simple and natural (if combined with plain, clean tones and natural materials).

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Interiors in the color of the year — ultraviolet

The Pantone Color Institute is not wrong: shades of purple have quickly burst into modern interiors and have appeared in many collections of furniture brands.

This color is also relevant for wall decoration, and a light pastel tone is perfect for decorating light spaces, and a rich one is for creating more expressive and dark interiors.

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