Zebra roller blinds

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Roller blinds day-night (zebra) — the latest type of blinds. They combine the sophistication of roll structures and the practicality of lamellas, make it possible to control the illumination of the room. Features of the design of zebra curtains Their main distinguishing feature is that the skein of fabric has two parallel layers. Each of them has light (transparent) and dark (opaque) stripes.

When the fabric pulls on the chain, the strips move relative to each other, as a result of which the illumination changes. The transparent sections of the two rows become opposite each other, and light enters the room, and when opaque, the room darkens. Whereas in typical roll designs it is necessary to lift the fabric to a certain height in order to change the lighting, in the zebra system a small force is enough to move the strips. Similar to roller blinds, the zebra design is produced in open or closed type. In the first version, the fabric roll is visible; in the second, it is hidden in a neat box called a cassette.

The frame of zebra roller blinds can be fixed on each sash of a plastic window, on the ceiling or wall above the opening. Mounting on the sash is carried out by drilling the frame or without damaging the plastic using special clips and double-sided adhesive tape. This arrangement of curtains provides free access to the windowsill, the blinds do not take up much space.

The color of the body is matched to the shade of the frame. It can be white, metallic silver, copy any type of wood.

Zebra roller blinds in the interior

Such products open up new possibilities in home decoration due to a wide variety of colors, textures and wind permeability. Cotton, polyester or nylon is chosen as the material for them, but other materials can also be used. Zebra Bamboo Roller Blinds are fabrics made of woven sticks connected by threads. Bamboo slats can be combined in a design with a transparent fabric. Such material can have various shades of light beige and brown colors. Thanks to their unique texture, they give the room a cozy, warm and healthy atmosphere.

The fabric of the curtains is made from polyester and does not attract dust. It is unpretentious in care, for cleaning it is enough to wipe the product with a damp sponge. In addition, textiles do not fade in the sun and have a long service life.

On the fabric surface of the curtains, you can make prints, ornaments, floral patterns that match the decorative elements of the interior. «Day and night» goes well with curtains and curtains, although functionally they do not need them at all. With the help of color variations of the fabric, you can use curtains in any style direction of the room. For example, a black and white version is suitable for strict minimalism, fabrics with metallic weaving — for high-tech. For country style, you can choose canvases with imitation of natural materials, and for modern — plain and textured fabrics using calm or bright saturated accents. They can be a great addition to curtains or become an independent decorative element on the window.

Such a design can decorate both a small opening and a glazed terrace of a country house; it is used in residential premises, in the kitchen, loggia, balcony. Zebra roller blinds are needed where multifunctionality and a beautiful interior are required at the same time. They allow you to adjust the lighting at a better level and give the room a special style.

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