What can be stored on a rotating stand: 7 convenient and aesthetic ideas

Something as small as a spinning stand can actually be a great help in organizing a kitchen or bathroom space. Also, with its help, it will be possible to beautifully decorate coffee tables, open shelves, a workplace, the surfaces of cabinets and chests of drawers. We have collected several options for how you can organize storage using this accessory.

one Medications

With the help of a rotating stand, you can arrange a first-aid kit in one of the free cabinets.

This method is much more ergonomic
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This method is much more ergonomic than storing medicines in a container. Every time you have to rummage through its bowels in search of the right packaging. On a rotating stand, jars can be placed in ascending order: small ones first, and tall ones closer to the center. So it will be more convenient for you to navigate in the names.

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2 empty jars

If you have some empty containers, you can also organize them with the turntable.

For example, this is relevant in...
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For example, this is relevant on the eve of the harvesting season, when empty cans may be needed from day to day. So they will always be at hand. Similarly, you can organize any containers that are needed for storage or cooking.

3 Cosmetics

To always have the right cream or serum at hand, allocate a place next to the sink for a turntable. Place on it the means for the daily care routine.

In addition to creams, on the stand you can...
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In addition to creams, accessories can be stored on the stand: a facial cleansing brush, cotton pads, sticks, and so on. Put there only what you use regularly, otherwise the beautiful organization of cosmetics will turn into a hotbed of dust.

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four Spices

On such a stand it is convenient to store spices both on the countertop and on a closed shelf.

You can separate the bottles with
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You can separate the bottles of seasonings: put on top the jars that you use regularly, and on the bottom — those that are stored and waiting for a special occasion.

5 Detergents

In order not to create visual noise in the interior of the bathroom, you need to come up with a beautiful organization of household chemicals. For example, laundry detergents can be scattered into beautiful jars designed in the same style. And then put them on the turntable. Be careful, choose containers that chemicals cannot corrode. For example, many plastic bottles are not suitable for such storage.

Place the stand next to the h&...
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Place the stand next to the washing area, you will always have the right tools at hand. Please note that this method is not suitable for families with small children.

6 Sauces and dressings

As a rule, packages and jars with sauces are not very aesthetically placed in the refrigerator. In addition, it is not always necessary to put them in the cold, some are perfectly stored just on the shelves.

Get them a round...
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Purchase a round swivel stand for them and put them in a pantry or just in a closet. It will be more convenient for you to get the right container, and storage will become more organized.

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7 Shower products

Another option for convenient organization is to put all your shower products on a spinning stand. It can be installed next to the bathtub and with a slight movement of the hand while bathing, remove the desired product.

You don't have to stretch and try...
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You do not have to reach out and try to carefully pull the bubble out of a pile of the same ones. You just need to turn the stand and take what you need.
By the way, products from the same series or made in the same color scheme look especially aesthetically pleasing.

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